Below is the anonymous communique sent out by Bicycle-Riders Freedom Front members in NYC about recently taken action. ____ To whom it may concern: In the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 26, 2005, members of the Bicycle-riders Freedom Front (BFF) dismantled a section of the recently installed anti-bike barriers on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge. These barriers prevent cyclists from taking a direct exit off of the bike path and force them to follow a lengthy detour to the unlit underside of the Manhattan Bridge, where several cyclists have reported incidents of harassment. These barriers are just another hazard of living in a city designed and shaped by car-worshipping ideologues. For years, cyclists in New York City have believed that they have had no choice but to live with inadequate bike lanes, inconsiderate and aggressive drivers, and poorly designed and maintained bike paths and bridges. Every day cyclists are the victims of hit and run drivers who are rarely held culpable for their actions. Every day cyclists are forced to compete with car traffic because their bike paths-- if they are lucky enough to be on one of the few roads with a demarcated bike path-- are blocked by idling and double-parked vehicles, including police vehicles. Every day cyclists injure themselves and damage their bikes on bridges built without any consideration for bicycle and pedestrian safety. If moderates continue to fail to win changes, we will take direct action. We want the dangerous bumps on the Williamsburg Bridge bike path removed by the city or we will remove them ourselves. We demand that lights be installed on the Willis Avenue Bridge and that a stop light and crosswalk be constructed on the Bronx side of the bridge, where pedestrians and cyclists are presently forced to cross multiple lanes of fast traffic. We are pedestrians and bicyclists who refuse to submit to the tyranny of car-centrist urban planners who desigh and build OUR city for the convenience of the automobile. We call for other walkers and riders to pick up the wrench and help us to dismantle car culture one bolt at a time. Yours, BFF