Bicyclists gather on 2nd Ave. to "ticket" motorized vehicles parked or standing in the bike lane.

The "Bicycle Clown Brigade" wants to draw attention to the dangerous conditions created when motorized vehicles occupy bike lanes. The activists also believe the NYPD should be enforcing the law which prohibits stopping, standing and parking within, or otherwise obstructing, bike lanes.

The police department was waiting for the group to arrive but made no attempt to prevent the start of the proceedings. About six scooters, two patrol cars and a van were parked on the west side of 2nd Ave between 10th and 11th. After the cyclists left, the police departed in a different direction.

The group started out on 2nd Ave and 10th street and rode around the neighborhood liberating bike lanes. They rode up 1st Ave, across 14th St., and then back down 2nd Ave where they continued south toward the Lower East Side.

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