September 11th, is now known as PATRIOT DAY. That means you better not say anything "unpatriotic".

Join the anti-fascist response to 9.11 scheduled for 7PM Monday September 11th at Ground Zero, NYC. The 9.11.01 tragedy has been hijacked by a nationalist, racist, pro-war agenda while the "progressive" American Left remains uncomfortable with this reality, and reluctant to confront the aggressive post-911 right wing nationalism. Ground Zero has become a symbolic flashpoint for political expression - so THIS is the TIME & PLACE to represent a radical opposition and not allow right wing fascism to dominate not only Ground Zero, but the world itself. This will no doubt result in more days like September 11th.

We can expose rabid right wing racism by confronting it, like those 4 college kids did in 1960 at the Greensboro, North Carolina Woolworth's all white lunch counter, when they simply refused to give into the prevailing ideology. Sometimes it just takes a few good people to turn the tide.

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