By Magdalena Dubois, Centro de Medios Libres, CML, Mexico City -
Translated and edited by Calamity Barucha, CML

What the government and the mass media say about the struggle in oaxaca and what people know to be true.

First lie. In an interview with the EFE agency, President Fox declared that the conflict in Oaxaca is a serious problem but that it doesnt suggest instability of the country of Mexico becuase it is a problem with a local character. This is not true. The mobilizations that hace occured in the last few days in Mexico and the rest of the world demonstrate that now it is not only a problem of the state of Oaxaca.
Yesterday their were spontaneous highway blockades in the following states:
Yucatan, Queretaro, Veracruz, Chihuahua, Chiapas, State of Mexico....

Second lie. In the same interview, Fox defended the actions of the ¨forces of order¨, and ensured that ¨It was not a armed intervention, also it was announced, because there has to be order and law withing the reclaiming of the city.¨
It is not true. The police forces that ocuppy the city of Oaxaca launch projectiles of tear gas directed at the bodies of the protesters (Jorje Alberto Lopez died because of the impact of of a tear gas canister that was aimed at his chest). They also have heavy weaponry (such as AK-47, R15 and small arms) and nightsticks.

Third lie. At 9:30 today, november 2nd, the commanding general of the Preventive Federal Police (PFP), Ardelio Vargas, highlighted that the intention of the police operative was not to enter the University of Oaxaca and that in the case of an arrest or detention, the person would be immediatly let go. Not true. Reports from the University Radio speak of the PFP entering the university sinse 8 in the morning.
At 8:08 there was a report that the PFP were shooting in the air, towards the radio (the chots could be heard over the radio). Moreover, at least twenty people have been detained in the morning, and they have not been let go. At 1 in the afternoon, when various commercial media were speaking of the entrance of the PFP into the university, Ardelio Vargas insisted the contrary. They also spoke of the entrance of six tanks shooting water with identifying ink that cannot be washed off, and two helicopters flew low overhead, one of them launching tear gas.

Fourth lie. The media speaks of the retreat of the tanks, which implies the retreat of the PFP. Its not true. The tanks are not retreating, they only move back to refill water deposits in order to continue repressing people who are defending the radio)though one tank was reported to have been burned).

Fifth lie. The APPO movment is a assosiated with guerillas (the EPR, the Popular Revolutionary Army). This is not true. The EPR is an armed resistence and the oaxacan people have been civil and peaceful.

Sixth lie. Fox denied that the police forces were resposible for the deaths of the of the resisters in oaxaca. he affirmed that there were some human rights violations, and that the government would act immediatly to resolve these violations. But this is not true. The two suspected resposible paries in the death of Indymedia videographer Bradley Will, Abel Santiago Zarate(Local politician of a oaxacan community and member of the PRI party) and Orlando Miguel Aguilar Coello (lead bodyguard for PRI party political members), were detained and presented before the judicial authorities. They were identified in photos of the shooting. However, the government and the Attorney General of Oaxaca have denied that these men were involved in the shooting against the APPO in which Brad Will died, even though there are testimonies from the neighbors declaring the contrary.
The Attorney General acquited beforehand the suspects, with the argument that the neighbors that were witness ¨presume the innocence of the citenzens in virtue that they were repelling the agression of violent people¨

We must put the infomation seige to an end!