The occupation at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life has been ended , with some of the last remaining students barred from entering NYU buildings. The school has also kicked students out of their residence halls and said that NYU will provide the students with alternative housing for now. None of the demands the NYU occupiers made were met by the administration.

The action at NYU, which lasted for over 40 hours, followed what had been a wave of student activism over the past couple of months, including student occupations in Greece , Great Britain , and the United States and protests across Europe.

The Take Back NYU coalition, who organized the action and which includes a diverse number of groups ranging from Amnesty International to the NYU chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, were demanding that the university operate in a more transparent, open, and democratic way.

Among the student demands were legal amnesty for the participants in the occupation, compensation for workers at NYU whose jobs were disrupted as a result of the occupation, disclosure of NYU’s budget and endowments, and the creation of a student elected “Socially Responsible Finance Committee” that would look into NYU’s investments into companies involved with the occupation of Palestine. They also demanded that the school give 13 Palestinian students scholarships, as well as donating any extra supplies to a university in Gaza.

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