Rev Billy and Total ban

Rev Billy and Total ban

Shell-backed plan for natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound nixed

The U.S. Commerce Department said Monday it opposed a proposed massive floating liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound.

Environmentalists hailed the decision as a victory over "the corporate Goliaths of our time."

Politicians in New York and Connecticut have fought for years to stop what would have been the world's first floating liquefied natural gas terminal. It would be four football fields in length and about eight stories high and 9 miles off Long Island and Connecticut.

After Gov. Paterson ruled against the project last year, Broadwater - a consortium of Shell Oil and TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. - appealed to the feds.

The Commerce Department said Monday that the project's "adverse coastal impacts outweighed its national interest."

"Today's decision is the final nail in Broadwater's coffin," said Rep. Timothy Bishop (D-L.I.).

"If Long Islanders are to solve our environmental challenges, we must first undergo a radical spiritual transformation in our relationship with this island. Our local and national environmental problems - air pollution, beach erosion, climate change - are symptoms of a far deeper issue: the separation of our human nature from the rest of nature. If we don't close this divide, our species is threatened with extinction." said Peter Maniscalco, coordinator of the Stop Shoreham Campaign and a member of the Anti-Broadwater Coalition.

Broadwater may appeal the decision in court. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, was among its supporters. In a paid security study for whihc it received millions of dollars, the firm found the terminal would be "as safe a facility in design as you could possibly have."

Activists working to stop the gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale of the NYC water supply by supporting a state-wide ban of this destructive practice were encouraged by the federal rejection of the Shell/Broadwater proposal for the Long Island Sound. "The Sound deserves such protection, and so too do our upstate and inland communities" said Joshua Brengren of NYH20 NYS Ban Gas Drilling Coalition. "We will work even harder to educate the public and our elected officials of the pragmatic need for a total ban og this toxic gas drilling in all of New York State."

Activists will target local elected officials in particular with a history of wrong decisions on environmental issues. "Council Member Jim Gennaro stood against the environment and with Shell Oil on the Broadwater proposal. We hope that he will not try to divide New Yorkers again and instead support a total state-wide ban on gas drilling." added Mr. Brengren, alluding to the Council Members position as Chair of the New York City Council Environmental Protection Committee. In the past Mr. Gennaro had conducted hastily scheduled hearings packed with members of organizations that had received money from the Broadwater company.