Smithfield has Pig Killing Operations in Mexico, Romania, Poland as well as Virginia, North Carolina

Smithfield, biggest killer of pigs in the US
has been implicated in the Mexican pig related illnesses. American officials continue to lie
saying that there is no relationship between
the consumption of pig cadavers (pork) and illness.
Smithfield shares drop on worries about swine flu

Monday, April 27, 2009, 9:15 PM EDT
The Associated Press

(Smithfield operates the biggest most confining pig concentration camps in the US..
camps which have filled the Atlantic with pfiesteria from trillions of gallons of unprocessed
pig waste. Pigs fight harder than any other animal against their human killers.)

(America's largest pig killing corporation) Smithfield Foods Inc.'s shares fell Monday as investors worried about how consumers would respond to the swine flu outbreak despite Mexican officials stating that no infected pigs have been found anywhere in Mexico.

Investors pummeled Smithfield's shares, even though the largest U.S. pork producer said it has "no reason to believe that the virus is in any way connected to its operations in Mexico" and U.S. health officials have said people cannot contract the disease from eating pork or pork products.

Smithfield took a large share of the pain visited on meat companies Monday, when its shares dropped more than 12 percent, or $1.28, to $9.04, as investors fretted that consumers worried about the disease would avoid buying pork.

Christopher Shanahan, a research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said the swine flu outbreak would compound problems for the pork market, which was already one of the weakest in the food industry.

Higher grain prices, soft demand and a product glut made 2008 one of the weakest years for the industry, hitting major companies like Smithfield and Tyson Foods Inc. hard.

[B]Smithfield, based in Smithfield, Va., has hog production operations in the U.S., Poland and Romania, as well as 50 percent stakes in Mexican operations Granjas Carroll de Mexico and Agroindustrial del Noroeste.[/B]

Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said tests now show that a 4-year-old boy contracted swine flu in Veracruz state, where a community has been protesting pollution from a large pig farm, at least two weeks before the first death confirmed by the Mexican government. The farm is run by Granjas Carroll de Mexico.

But Mexico's Agriculture Department said Monday that its inspectors found no sign of swine flu among pigs around the farm in Veracruz, and that no infected pigs have been found yet anywhere in Mexico.

Smithfield spokeswoman Keira Ullrich said the company has found no clinical signs or symptoms of the presence of swine influenza in its swine herd or its employees working at its joint ventures anywhere in Mexico.

But local residents are convinced they were sickened by air and water contamination from pig waste.

Smithfield said it is working with Mexican officials who are investigating the possible sources of the outbreak.

In August 2007, animal and food safety officials said Smithfield slaughtered about 36,000 pigs at farms in Romania after outbreaks of swine fever among the animals at three of its 33 farms there. Smithfield also said it voluntarily shut down a red meat plant in Poland for 10 days during the first quarter of fiscal 2006 and recalled some previously shipped product after media reports on food safety.

Poster note:
US officials, protective of the billionaire Don Tyson, Smithfield,
and other billionaires involved in pig murder, have said swine flu cannot
be contacted by eating the cadavers of murdered pigs!!

Is it not interesting that Poland Romania and Mexico have Smithfield
owned pig slaughter operations? Poland and Romania are 2 countries
in which the CIA had illegal prisons in which they tortured inmates.

Update April 28 09

As Michael O'Boyle reported on national radio on April 28 that a large pig factory farm
in Vera Cruz Mexico in being investigated as a possible source of the deaths, NPR did not mention that this was an operation owned half by Smithfield, nor
has a a single govt. official
this poster has heard (Obama Napolitano CDC FDA warning against animal cadaver
consumption or the consumption of animal products.
(Smithfield, largest pig murdering operation in the US, has operations in Romania, Poland,
and half shares in Mexico pig murdering operations.)
(Is it not interesting that Poland and Romania, 2 European countries with secret CIA
torture jails, also have connections to American companies involved in mass animal slaughter.)

1. The Rumsfeld Roche connection Donald Rumsfeld former CEO of pharmaceutical company
Searle is heavily invested in Gilead, N American distributor of Tamiflu which controls
90% of the world's aniseed trees, and whose Tamiflu has been ineffectual in treating
the previous scam, avian flu.
2. There have been only 20 deaths confirmed to be swine flu
.. these are in Mexico. Who does the confirming? a World Health Organization laboratory
situated in Australia.
3. No one has been hospitalized in the US, yet a health emergency
has been declared
4. This power grab by the US military medical pharma industrial complex
(HHS, FDA, CDC, Homeland Security!, state 'health' departments) is meant for 3 reasons
a. increased power to the warwaging centralized govt.
b. profits for Roche and other marketers of alleged vaccines
c. pressure on the Senate to put 870 million dollars for 'pandemic
preparedness' into the federal budget.
5. NPR this morning had TWO representatives from the billionaire cartel mouth organ:
the Council on Foreign Relations.
6. NO socialist country has been involved in the disinformation scam.
Drug producing Israel, animal genocide New Zealand, Canada, the US, Scotland and Mexico
7. The 1 million doses of the ineffectual Tamiflu held by the Mexican govt. cost 100 million
8. When community opposition to the USDA's bioterror lab, Plum Island, was shut down in NY
3 others opened in Texas and 1 elsewhere.