Having returned to California after months at both Zuccoti Park and then at Washington D.C.s McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza Occupy encampments, plus making friends with the D.C. Anarchist Alliance, I have just enjoyed a period of 90 days which allowed me to 1.Pay back money fronted to me for airfare to/from the east coast, 2.Pony up two years of back utility contributions to my housing group (who let me slide on this), 3.Reinvent my adult social life (which got sidelined around September of 1983, when I decided to dedicate myself to cultivating a spiritual life, performing unpaid selfless service, frontlining with Earth First! and attenuating peace&justice campaigns, and lastly writing down the bones and editoring mostly radical articles, skeletal plays, and poems).
In the most recent issue of Sun magazine, Julia "Butterfly" Hill is interviewed ( http://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/436/the_butterfly_effect). She makes the point that whereas the left is really good at advocating for whatever is in need, and is good at protests, demos, demonstrations, and DA, the left is NOT good at taking care of itself. Such to the extent that it deters others from joining campaigns when the burnout look is evident...which of course, is because the masses of American citizens do not support adequately the left's frontline participants.
This is even philosophically worse, because if it weren't for the efforts of frontliners, the rest of the population would not have a healthy world to live in. Without the frontline of radical environmentalists, peace and justice activists, and all of the other do-gooders world wide, the humanity would not have a basically sane place to live on earth. It would be a constant living hell!
Since my return to Cali, I have contacted groups which offer safe social spaces for adult enjoyment, such as tantric yoga groups, and I find that I do not have enough money to afford the $225 hr. bliss massage sessions at this time. I have relaxed at a spa in San Francisco's Japantown (but could not afford the massage). The San Francisco bay area eclectic menu is generally too expensive for anybody who has been living below the poverty line in order to do critical spiritual and social activist work. I mean, I hope that you do not require any love bondage, for example, because as a friend of mine who shot a promo video for an SF erotic film company told me, if I think new age style massage is expensive, I would be really stopped by the prices for erotic discos, anything BDSM oriented, and fuggedaboudit if one is considering a private sex therapist/masseuse, etcetera.
At this point, the reader is probably wondering why I am posting this on the NYC IMC. Let me answer my own question: I am posting this, because it is vitally important that postmodern America wake up, and realize that frontline
participants cannot be ignored in terms of their social lives, and instead, only be appreciated for their political activism. I'm not saying that consumerist America has to provide the Occupy camps with belly dancer entertainment, but please mull all of this over, because right now I am considering leaving the frontlines of radical environmental and attenuating peace&justice campaigns. Whereas I am now 62, I believe that I might like to enjoy the rest of my life. This, as opposed to continuing to live a stupidity of a minimal social existence in the USA, because I am following the words of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or Gaia, in order to promote world peace, feed hungry poor people, get the mentally ill and specifically those at risk medical treatment and resources such as housing, and most importantly, as a first wave Earth First!er, intervene historically in regard to the deteriorating condition of the planet earth.
Are y'all groking what I am puttin' down here? I haven't even brought up the necessity of replacing the crazy plutocracy with a global matriarchal civilization (with women and men socially equal). For that, check out the blog that Maine Earth First! created/maintains for me as a gift:  http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com
The reason that I am posting this on the NYC IMC, is because the San Francisco IMC won't allow it because it violates their terms of use, and the LA IMC is pressured by Orange County conservatives and therefore put it in the "hidden" area of their website. I am praying to the Divine Mother Warrior Goddess Kali Ma that the NYC IMC appreciates my writing down the bones, posting what obviously needs to be said, and allowing me to be warm, soft, and personal, as opposed to my usual public identity as a direct action machine, and therefore allowing this to be on the newswire.
I love you all madly. Feel free to contact me. All serious offers will be considered. Love, Craig