Firstly, this site is way too confusing. Why make it so difficult to locate an article, to read the day's postings? Why is the newswire so short on the front page? What's with all the categories? Just let it all run together, we'll figure out what we want to read, like we did before. And why does it take so long to load the site? To go back and forth? It's really slow. Don't reinvent the wheel guys, just have a simple easy to use site with a lot of info. And stop censoring posts unless they're obviously full of hate--it's evident people are tired of the censoring. Secondly, BAI: Please take Errol Maitland OFF the Air. He's inarticulate, boring and ironically full of himself. This is the guy that replaced Robert Knight? Unbelievable. Give him a desk job but don't allow him near the microphone. Bring Knight back--he's witty, intelligent, one of the best people BAI has or had. If you lost him you lost a gem. You gotta do more Arts programming--the constant political stuff gets tired--last weekend with all the music was fantastic--New York is filled with artists and musicians-- give them a forum. BAI used to be irreverant, unpredictable. It has become commonplace and totally predictable. I understand you want to report on the Israeli occupation of the territories and you have Ralph Schoenman with his constant exposure of the Israeli "menace". How about a little history on the Palestinians and their leadership? Like the Mufti of Jerusalem who worked tirelessly with the Nazis to liquidate Europe, especially Bosnia, of Jews? How about the dhimmi system all throughout the Middle East in which the Jews were second or third class citizens, whose every move had to be cleared first with the Muslims? We never hear about that. How 'bout a little balance?