Republican Voter Drive Heads to MTV Tue Mar 23, 6:55 PM ET By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - For young Americans who care more about G-Unit than the GOP, choosing their favorite music videos on MTV's "Total Request Live" may be as close as they've come to the democratic process. Republicans are hoping to change that by sending their voter registration truck Thursday to two places where Republicans are usually in short supply: MTV and Times Square. The National Republican Committee's Reggie the Registration Rig is scheduled to visit the "TRL" studio, where the current contest between President Bush and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry usually takes a back seat to the vying videos of Usher and Clay Aiken. The show is taped in an MTV studio overlooking the famous intersection in midtown Manhattan. RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie will be on hand, espousing the youths' right to vote for the right wing. RNC spokeswoman Heather Layman said Gillespie should blend in well with the screaming teens usually stationed outside the studio. "Chairman Gillespie has three kids of his own, and the oldest is a teenager, so he is no stranger to MTV and `TRL,'" Layman said. "He's hip enough to know how important it is, so I think he'll have fun." The 56-foot 18-wheeler featuring a soundstage, computer terminals and a multimedia center is part of the GOP's effort to register 3 million new voters by Election Day. Some 57 million Americans of voting age are not registered. Seeking to grab the attention of the next generation, the truck boasts two Xbox game systems and several plasma screen televisions. The truck has already appeared at a West Virginia college, a NASCAR race in Atlanta and a Republican rally for the president in Orlando, Fla. MTV also has run a "Choose or Lose" campaign, aimed at getting its viewers more involved in politics. But it has been a tough sell. Turnout among 18- to 24-year-olds in the 2000 election was about 42 percent, an all-time low since 1972, when the voting age was dropped to 18.