HARLEM TENANTS COUNCIL COMMUNITY FORUM ON GENTRIFICATION De-bunking the myth of gentrification: Black Professionals Say They Can't Afford Harlem Friday, March 26,2004 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM St. Mary's Church at 521 West 126th Street Between Amsterdam & Old Broadway Moderator: Afua Atta-Mensha, Harlem Tenants Council. SPEAKERS: Attorney Nadia Jones, Associate at Paul Weiss; Shelia Harris, Fordham University Law School Student; Kim Love, TV News Producer; others to be announced. Can Black Professionals afford the ˜new" Harlem? Harlem is currently going through an alleged second renaissance. Proponents of Harlem's gentrification tout the initiative as a way to diversify Harlem economically with people of color from various income levels. This false notion gives some Harlemites the impression that it is middle and upper class Blacks who are pushing them out of their communities. This myth of the Black upper class claiming Harlem is an utter falsehood. Young Black urban professionals, particularly recent graduates that earn less than their white counterpart, simply don't have the income for spiraling rents in Harlem nor upper mobile Black professionals increasingly priced out of Harlem's home ownership market. Come out to hear young Black and Latino professionals describe their housing bouts in Harlem and how we can build a movement to challenge the displacement impact of gentrification. HOUSING IS A BASIC RIGHT FOR EVERYONE!