POST FAR AND WIDE ************** Flux Factory presents: !BASH-croft! - A Loud Response to the Silencing of Dissent Monday August 30th, 7pm $6 Office Ops, 57 Thames St., Williamsburg - Take the L to Morgan Ave, walk 2 blks South, left on Thames - 718-418-2509 - First they came for the immigrants, now are they coming for the artists? The Critical Arts Ensemble are a visionary group of cultural critics who are suffering ongoing harassment by the federal government, first with absurd 'bioterrorism' allegations, now with baseless mail fraud charges. On August 30th, as the Republicans swarm over NYC with silencing repression, Flux Factory offers up a hectic little oasis of noise and solidarity at Williamsburg's Office Ops Arts Space - The proceeds go to the CAEs legal defense. Schedule: 7pm Usaisamonster 8: Drayton sawyer gang 8:40 Unsacred hearts 9:30 Infernal Noise Brigade 10:30 Vague Angels 11:30 I Love You -plus DJ North Guinea Hills in the lounge For more on Steve Kurtz and the Critical Arts Ensemble: ************** > THE BACKGROUND > > Dr. Steve Kurtz, art professor at the University of Buffalo, awoke the > morning of > May 11 to find his wife Hope dead of cardiac arrest. Kurtz > immediately called the > police. > > The police took note of test tubes and petri dishes Kurtz was using in > his current > artwork, and called in the FBI, who arrived with a search warrant for > a "bioterrorism" > investigation. Much of Kurtz's property, including equipment and > artwork, was impounded. > He was detained for 48 hours and released with a court date for an > unknown charge. > > The state medical examiner quickly confirmed that Hope Kurtz died of > natural causes, > yet federal attorneys continued to publicly insinuate that Kurtz's > work was a health > threat. Over the next six weeks, eight other artists in the Critical > Arts Ensemble > were subpoenaed, along with their publisher, Autonomedia. > > On July 8, a grand jury opened indictments of mail and wire fraud > against Kurtz > and Dr. Robert Ferrel, > the Professor of Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh who had sent > Kurtz the > bacteria samples. Under the arraignment conditions, Kurtz is subject > to travel > restrictions, random and scheduled visits from a probation officer, > and periodic > drug tests. Even after this arraignment, the FBI's investigation of > Kurtz and Ferrell > is not over. The grand jury is still hearing testimony of subpoenaed > witnesses including > Autonomedia. KURTZ AND FERREL NOW FACE 20 YEAR JAIL SENTENCES IF > CONVICTED. > > Eminent scientists and artists are alarmed by these indictments and > cannot understand > why this absurd case is being pursued. Donald A. Henderson, Dean > Emeritus of the > Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health and > resident scholar > at the Center for Biosecurity of the University of Pittsburgh Medical > Center, says, > > "Based on what I have read and understand, Professor Kurtz has been > working > with totally innocuous organisms... to discuss something of the risks > and threats > of biological weapons--more power to him, as those of us in this field > are likewise > concerned about their potential use and the threat of bio-terrorism." > > Preeminent science magazine Nature has called on scientists to support > Kurtz. "As > with the prosecution of some scientists in recent years, it seems that > government > lawyers are singling Kurtz out as **a warning to the broader artistic > community**.... > Art and science are forms of human enquiry that can be illuminating > and controversial, > and the freedom of both must be preserved as part of a healthy > democracy--as must > a sense of proportion" ( > > Innumerable other scientists, artists, institutions, and others have > written letters > of support for Kurtz and Ferrell. A number of these can be viewed at > > > Further coverage of the case: >,12271,1236288,00.html > > 07buffalo.html?ex=1088136000&en=900f7955c0e11236&ei=5070 >