So Andre 3000 has joined the ranks of so many more media stars turned activists against George Bush. He's reportedly given props to the Indymedia movment. But what is he for? He's appeared on cable and network TV shows supporting John Kerry. Now, com'on. While it might've been embarassing for Ralph Nader that you supported Kerry on the Daily Show or Bill Maher (I forget which) when he was also a guest, you don't have to live him or any of the other alternative candidates. I just hope that as you've been out in the streets today you can see that in this largely "Democratic" state (with a "moderate Republican" governor, and then Bloomberg in NYC) just how much Democratic and Republican rhetoric and policy, as well as actual action, compliments each other. Break free with the rest of us. If you must vote, vote your conscience, but don't just vote against Bush! He's not the only one, but he's made himself iconic.