the new york r(A)t is a newspaper that began publication in fall 2004 with a focus on nyc's issues and struggles from an anarchist perspective, and to serve as a resource for anarchist groups in the area to exchange information about their projects and call for help. well, we need your help! if you are interested in promoting radical media in our city, there's a lot you can do. 3000 copies of the new issue, #2, have been printed, and only about 1/3 of those distributed so far. we need people to take stacks of r(A)ts to spaces and events of all kinds. we also need people to submit more articles and info on nyc life and activism for spring's #3. #2 features pieces on casa del sol, critical mass, police brutality, the brooklyn free school, getting food stamps and free healthcare, free museums, an anarchist "black pages" and more! the rat is YOUR paper - work with us on it and it could be an awesome resource for our communities! email to get involved (which could be as simple as taking 100 copies to hand out somewhere, or sending us a paragraph describing your group's newest project!) we're also looking to fundraise for print costs on #3; more info on that will be forthcoming. stay free! maus black r(A)t collective