More than erotic odes to leather-clad bodies and strap-on love, Bottoms Up is refreshingly tender as it offers up prison lust and the creepy-crawlies of crabs. Edited by Diana Gage, the book is a collection of short stories and poems full of naughty escapades on California’s streets and New Orleans’ rooftops, while breaking laws everywhere in between. Always titillating and sometimes lurid, the book doesn’t shy away from emotional connections or the downside of sex. Two of my favorite stories are “Prison Story†and “to the marrowâ€; they demonstrate the humanity to be found in sexuality, not glossy magazine delusions of beauty and gender roles. This is where it is most subversive by portraying people at the blurry lines where girl meets boy with their raw desires, their failings and epiphanies laying their humanity bare. Bottoms Up is a gender blending ride that is as acidly sweet, equally humbling and liberating. Enjoy the romp.