Support justice for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims – come to court 2/28/05

Support justice for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims – come to court 2/28/05

Support justice for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims – come to court Monday 2/28!

On Monday, February 28, 2005 at 11:00 A.M. at the Federal District Court in Brooklyn, 225 Cadman Plaza East, 6th Floor, (A train to High Street, M/R/2/3/4 trains to Court Street/Borough Hall, F train to Jay Street/Borough Hall) Vietnamese Agent Orange survivors will have a hearing on their case against the U.S. chemical companies that manufactured the toxic chemical, Agent Orange. Agent Orange contains dioxin, one of the deadliest substances known, and has caused death and sickness to millions of Vietnamese people and to many U.S. veterans of the Vietnam war.

The Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin has filed a lawsuit on behalf of people in Vietnam, many of them children, who suffer the continuing effects of Agent Orange birth defects and sickness. On Monday, the companies who manufactured the chemicals and the U.S. government who sprayed them on the people and land of Vietnam will argue that this lawsuit should be dismissed on procedural grounds.

WE must be there to support the Agent Orange victims who have filed the lawsuit. At the hearing, a coalition of veterans, Vietnamese-American and other community leaders will initiate the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign, calling on the U.S. government to compensate Vietnamese people suffering from the effects of Agent Orange.

On Monday, 2/28 at 11:00 A.M., join lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, Dr. Phan Thi Phi Phi, veterans and others who stand for justice and responsibility in showing a visible presence in the courtroom. Let the judge know that millions of us want justice for Agent Orange victims!

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Swedish site with good links to others

This issue is not being covered in the US press.

It is the first time Vietnamese have sought legal redress since the Vietnam War ended in April 1975.........The U.S. government has refused consistently to discuss compensation.

Agent Orange, named after the color of its containers, is blamed for nightmarish birth defects in Vietnam where babies appeared with two heads or without eyes or arms. U.S. veterans of the war have complained for years of a variety of health problems from exposure to the herbicide....

Dioxin, the toxic compound in Agent Orange, has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects and organ dysfunction. On Monday, a Brooklyn New York court will begin hearing a lawsuit brought by more than 100 Vietnamese seeking compensation and a clean-up of contaminated areas from more than 30 firms, among them Dow Chemical Co and Monsanto Co, the largest makers of Agent Orange. An American lawyer representing the Vietnamese said those supporting the trial included US veterans made sick by the chemical. see:,5744,12373518%255E2703,00.html