“No one too small…†- an event in peace training for kids. April 2, 2005 The War Resisters League would like to invite your kids to come down on Saturday, April 2 for a one-day retreat of fun, games, and training in Nonviolent Communication â„¢, with special guest, 10-year old Sonia from Children against the War, UK. Program overview Vision This is a one-day retreat event, organized by the War Resisters League in collaboration with The New York Council for Nonviolent Communication. It is a day when children, ages 8-13 will come together to learn about nonviolence, Nonviolent Communication, and nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts, both on the interpersonal level and as a way of life. It will also be a time when they will learn that no one is too small to contribute to social change. They will be encouraged to make a personal commitment to do something, adopt one action in their personal lives, as a contribution to social change. Methodology: Through Nonviolent Communicationâ„¢, with the aid of puppets, music, art, stories and games. The children will learn how to make peace cranes and take back to their schools and communities, as a way to influence other children about the power and importance of choosing peace. At the end of the day, the children will have a session to declare what action they will take for peace and receive a special gift (its secret!) to keep the day in their memories for life. Background: Sonia, a 10yr old UK-born child, will also use her personal story as a tool of inspiration to the other kids. Sonia founded her own Organization, Children against the War, when she was just 8years old. She has led several demonstrations in the UK and has ‘stood to be counted’ as a voice of children protesting against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Specifically, she has been focusing on the suffering that these wars have unleashed on innocent children in these countries. “'I am fasting because of Ramadan. Children against the War have received origami paper from Japan, my project is to make 1,000 peace cranes and send it to Japan for 60th anniversary of Nagasaki day in August. I thought it was important to start making peace cranes during Ramadan while I am fasting, as you know this month is for spirituality and peace. With every peace crane I make, I pray to my beloved Allah for peace all around the world and for children to be kept safeâ€' – Sonia, November 18, 2004, in an interview with Justice not Violence, a UK based peace Organization. Eligibility: - It is open to children between the ages of 8-13. Location: Westbeth Community Room, 55 Bethune Street, New York, NY 10014. Fees and financial support: We will be charging a token sum of $20 for this educational and inspiring program. We will be giving a few grants to those who request based on need. Please submit the completed application form, with a check of $20 dollars addressed to the War Resisters League, by March 6th, 2005.* Please call the National Office if you would like to pay by credit card. Deadlines: The application deadline is the 15th of March 2005. There are a limited number of spaces available. Please submit the completed application form with and address it to: Judith Atiri War Resisters League (No One Too Small) 339 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012 http://www.warresisters.org