Silly leftist - the streets are for kids (and parents and grandparents and everyone)! Some folks in the local anarchist community would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to ignore all the silly squabbling amongst the left-sectarian dinosaurs that goes on and on on the NYC-IMC newswire. The dinosaurs, a dying breed, at best wish only to recruit you to their parties (which are no fun I assure you) and at worst, well, do a little research and see for yourself. Whether that party be the Workers World Party, the Spartacist League or the Democratic Party (for their united front with business elite) they can never deliver to you what they promise. On March 19th New York City streets will once again be filled with people who are against this bloody war. If you are one of them then our advice to you is that you use your hearts and your minds and that you don't follow the leaders! Don't get sucked into their ridiculousness, don't listen to their boring speeches but use this opportunity, if it should prove to be an opportunity, to express your own desires. And, if your desires happen to coincide with ours, then join us to provide a loud, lively alternative to the reformist mainstream anti-war movement. Fly the black flag high and let no one stand in your way. The anti-authoritarian contingent will meet at 11am at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th between 1st and 2nd) and support the War Resisters' League march to Times Square and action at the military recruitment center there. Afterward they will regroup at Central Park's East Meadow (97th & 5th) and join the march leaving the UFPJ (WWP, IAC...who gives a crap) rally at 3pm for Mayor Bloomberg's House. Bring banners, flags, drums, whistles, goggles, bananas, puppets, instruments, flyers, your voice, your friends and yourself! Meet at the black flags! An empty street is always an invitation and a crowded street against empire CAN be hijacked to express your own desires - regardless of what moronic left sect applies for the permit. From Iraq to Palestine - from Ireland to Aceh - from Haiti to New York City - occupation incurs resistance! With Love and Anarchy, The Anarchist Reminder Brigade