Friday, March 18th Bicycle Benefit for Norman Siegel Hosted by Steve Stollman 49. East Houston (Times-up Space) (Mott/Mulberry) 8-11 pm $20 and up suggested donation. Some of you probably know Norman Siegel from the Critical Mass lawsuit (he was co-counsel on the Bray v. City of New York case with Steve Hyman), and others from his long career with civil rights law, at the NYCLU, etc. He's running for NYC Public Advocate this fall. Check his website for details: This bicycle community fundraising party is hosted by Steve Stollman, the guy who owns the space where Time's Up and NY Bike Messenger Association have been sharing time. The benefit should be a great time: Rude Mechanical Orchestra is playing, there's a DJ spinning, there'll be food, slushies, drink. And a splash of progressive politics. See details below. I really hope you can get involved in the campaign as well. There is no end to the help that we need, especially going forward as the weather warms up. I would like to see a fleet of Cyclists for Siegel come springtime, petitions, GOTV efforts, etc.