This is the first of 7 videos, produced to be viewed in sequence. I shot lots of video at the huge rally in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, the march around Harlem and then the march down to Central Park's East Meadow, where I shot speakers including Howard Zinn, Ramsey Clark, and many other notables. Please try to persevere through the rough camera at the beginning of this segment - it got better over the course of the day. I am making an assembly edit of the video, in the sequence of my travels through the rally - beginning on the train into NYC at 125th Street, and ending upon the stage in Central Park's East Meadow. There's a lot of tape, so it will take a day or two to finish, but I expect to be putting stuff up regularly, so keep an eye out today. Marcus Garvey event was WAY beyond expectations. It was important for that to occur, so it was a great success intrinsically, and it leaves a coalition in development in its wake. Stay tuned - I'll be working on this for a few hours and hope to get more to the WBAI website later today. Anyway, enjoy the video! DDeBar