||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||         Extravaganza of Ridiculous Proportions VI ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||                         Thursday, March 24th ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||                  Benefit Show for our Free Store* ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||     One Night, Two Parties! One Price, Too Much Fun! ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||  ---->    Amazing Folk and Country evening followed by ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||  ---->   "Panda-monium" |||||||||||||||||              The Cyborg Panda Masquerade Dance Party! ||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||@@@@@@The Glasshouse Gallery 38 S. 1st btwn Wythe & Kent |||||||||||||||||@@@@@@Williamsburg, Brooklyn. L train to Bedford Ave. |||||||||||||||||@@@@@@One block from the Free Store @ Berry & Grand ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||                            $6 ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||                            7pm ||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||     Free drink with entrance before 9pm ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||     This is TWO parties in one: ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||     From 7pm to 11:30 we will have amazing ragtime, |||||||||||||||||     blues, country and folk from some of the best |||||||||||||||||     artists to currently delve into these realms. |||||||||||||||||     Trust me you don't want to miss it, seriously. ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||     THEN a little before midnight the madness |||||||||||||||||     with the dancing and the cyborg pandas and |||||||||||||||||     the robot battles and the cupcakes and the |||||||||||||||||     circus performers and the panda-monium begins! ||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||     Here we go, this is the line up: ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||................ JEFFREY LEWIS ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||................ Micah "Blue" Smaldone |||||||||||||||||bygone bluesman and ragtimer ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||................ Death Vessel |||||||||||||||||at times haunting, at times playful, like the |||||||||||||||||child-ghost of a mountain trail, humming and skipping |||||||||||||||||along and leaving all passers-by to do the same ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||................ Our Poor Neighbors |||||||||||||||||intense hinterland folk music. ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||................ Andy Bossie |||||||||||||||||rebel voice ||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||                           & |||||||||||||||||................ Friends Band |||||||||||||||||folk, country, and blues galore. ||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||| THEN: ++++++++ ++++++++        At 11:30pm ++++++++ ++++++++       Panda-monium! ++++++++       "Cyborg Panda Masquerade"  DANCE PARTY! ++++++++ ++++++++       $1 off door price with cyborg themed mask. ++++++++       Prizes for best ++++++++ ++++++++        DJ  Suggested D ++++++++        & ++++++++        Lady Vitamins ++++++++ ++++++++        Will rock the dance party way into the night! ++++++++ ++++++++        It will be impossible to resist the dance mayhem. ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++       With: Dancing Cyborg Pandas   + ++++++++       Ro-bot Battles  + ++++++++       Interactive Cupcakes  + ++++++++       Amazing Visuals  + ++++++++       Circus Performers! ++++++++ ++++++++       Don't miss this chance to support the Free Store (We need it!) ++++++++       While having a blast dancing with your friends! ++++++++       (Friends will be provided for those without them.) ++++++++ ++++++++ ________ |A little on the Free Store and the Autonomous Space Collective: | |Our GOAL is to run a non-hierarchical, collectively run community and |performance space where many varied and exciting new projects can |develop, possibly including but not limited to: anarchist infoshop, |bike co-op, free store, free school/free classes (Languages, martial |arts, welding, knitting, political discussion, oppression dynamics |discussion and action, cooking, children's puppetry etc.), musical |perforances, varied events, lending library, free café/store and other |uses. | |Our collective, the Autonomous Space Collective, came out of a real |need for more space in the anarchist community in NYC. | |Currently we are at the Free Store space in Brooklyn and many of our |dream projects are coming true as the space develops. | |We are open everyday from 2pm to 9pm at 131 Grand Street between |Bedford and Berry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Come by and take anything |you want, and drop off things if you'd like.  Movie night is every |Monday at 7pm.  To join the email announcement list or for more info |about the project write to: brooklynfreestore@riseup.net | |To be added to the dance party email list, write to : |extravaganzas@gmail.com | |Saturday, April 9th we will have our 7th Extravaganza of Ridiculous |Proportions. An all night dance party going beyond all expectations |at Asterisk, in Bushwick. You'll hear about it. 258 Johnson Ave. |Bands, interactive everything, a big mess. ~~~~~Please forward and post this email far and wide~~~~~