The network of Independent Media Centers has produced a burgeoning network of free papers. But a free press isn't free. While PDF downloads of the Bay Area's Fault Lines and the NYC Indypendent are both available online at no charge, each is committed to getting out a print version in their respective locales beyond the usual suspects. The Indypendent is an award-winning paper built around original reporting, non-partisan movement analysis and cultural writing. Write in the comment box what you want and Subscribe

Monthly Review is in the middle of a renaissance. Founded as an indpendent socialist magazine in the 1950s, in the last few years their depth of coverage, diversity of Marxist-oriented opinion, consistent anti-imperialism and focus on the nuts and bolts of economics have found a new vitality. They also have a great book imprint. Subscribe

Long the best of the communist weeklies, take that as you will, the Revolutionary Worker is in the midst of a major overhaul. Changing their name to Revolution, the RCP's paper isn't just a critical lament. They really think that "information is weaponry." They are also the only national weekly available in both English and Spanish. Check out their amazing free collection of historical articles covering the world movement over their 25-year history. Uncompromising and interested in the truth, the soon-to-be Revolution makes special pains to bring the voices of oppressed people themselves into print. Subscription is just a link, a form and a postage stamp away. Subscribe

The New Standard is an amazing resource of original, participatory reporting that sticks to fact-based stories instead of heavy analysis. As they say, "other people do that." Although it's only available online, that doesn't mean they don't still need money. Unlike virtually anyone else in the left press, they actually pay writers! Subscribe

Published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies, Perspectives is a wide-ranging and uniquely thoughtful anarchist theoretical journal and book review that, for the most part, avoids the simplistic cant of it's own philosophy. Subscribe via email at:

Not to be catty, but LeftTurn is everything Z Magazine should be but isn't. Smart, good-looking and  a tight little package, LeftTurn is a great magazine to date even if you might not want to get married. Increasingly dedicated to activistism where "the movement is everything, the final aim nothing," LeftTurn prints a clear distillation of where activists-without-parties are at. For that alone, it's a must read. Throw in their top-notch reporting that won recognition from Project Censored and the Utne Indpendent Press Awards and supporting this mag is a no-brainer. (And best of luck to their departing and founding editor, Bilal El-Amine.) Subscribe

LiP Magazine is another great read coming out of the Bay Area. For their rakish, lefty vibe -- it's worth the time to Subscribe. And don't forget Clamor, which grew out of the zine subculture to publish an innovative and interactive glossy that steers a course between lifestyle magazine for activist-types to real reporting on issues of the day. Their collaborative publishing system is also pretty damn impressive. Their 5th anniversary issue features the Golden Soapbox Awards recognizing indpendent media. Subscribe