by Henk Ruyssenaars FPF - June 20th 2005 - Esteemed colleague Kurt Nimmo writes in his blog* that "Right-Wingers Declare Downing Street Minutes Fake", indicating that "right-wingers are going bananas over this one, especially on Free Republic and Moonbat Central: Michael Smith, who broke the story about the Downing Street Minutes in the Daily Telegraph* and the Sunday Times, has told the Associated Press he “protected the identity of the source he had obtained the documents from by typing copies of them on plain paper and destroying the originals.†In short, for the right-wingers, this is conclusive evidence of another “fake document†scam (like the Dan Rather fake document scam on Bush’s National Guard service). Right-wingers are ecstatic and dancing like Israelis on nine eleven* and we should expect them to harp on this over and over until it is actually given credence by the corporate media—the same corporate media that grudgingly provided coverage on a story that would be, beyond the realm of Bushzarro world, of major significance with awesome political ramification. * DESTROY THE PROOF? NOT ON YOUR NELLY! What a journalist/correspondent does in a 'hot case' like this, is to very fast and secretly copy everything possible in three, five or tenfold and give the copies/DVD's etc. to friends and trusted lawyers which hide the items, or put them in safes somewhere. THEY WILL PRESENT IT AND GIVE IT TO BE PUBLISHED IN EXTENSO BY TRUSTED MEDIA OUTLETS THE VERY SECOND ANYTHING 'STRANGE' HAPPENS TO THE JOURNALIST/MESSENGER. [] But many times it's clever to let it be known that you "destroyed" the originals, to avoid an immediate and house wrecking 'search' and maltreatment by 'forces unknown' (SSB?) - waiting until enough lying neocons and their media ilk have taken the bait. Than you publish another 25% of the documents, showing that your neocon opponents and their collaborators in the mainstream media - as usual - are lying through their teeth and are absolutely not to be trusted. THE LAST 25% IS YOUR LIFE INSURANCE, AND/OR IS USED IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Like when 'they' start threatening you, your family and friends; they can 'plant' coke in your house or car, download 'child porno' into your computer or - which is getting very much in fashion - the journalist/whistleblower/messenger gets the 'Dr. Kelly treatment' and is "suicided". Concerning the neocon stories which daily like 'mental manure' are spread by the totally untrustworthy Associated Press and similar info criminals: NONE of the international so called 'news agencies' can be trusted, nor all the mainstream media they 'feed' with their propaganda and brainwash. Like in the 99% of their TV and radio broadcasts, and the 'big' papers which are nearly all owned by the zionist cabal and/or their ilk now 'running' the US, which have been waging all the illegal greed-wars. The media people help 'killing to make profits', and are all guilty of 'Crimes against Humanity': by association and/or advocating the genocides with their inhuman killing and destroying. That's why one never destroys the evidence; the proof that what you're saying is true. It's like sawing off the branch of the tree you're sitting on. Henk Ruyssenaars * The Downing Street 10 Memos - Url.: * Kurt Nimmo Blog - Url.: * Google: Dancing Israelis 9/11 - Url.:] * FPF-Url.: * International 'news agencies' kill honest journalism - Url.: -0-