Flag.blackened.net and Infoshop.org back online Infoshop News | June 27, 2005 Infoshop (http://www.infoshop.org), Flag (http://flag.blackened.net), and related websites and email lists were recently offline for several weeks. During this time we set up a new server at a co-location facility. These changes will provide faster service to our users, reduce downtime, and give us the capability to serve more people. We are still working out a few loose ends, so pardon us if you run into some odd things on our websites. Dave reports that the new hardware is a 3ghz AMD with 200gig IDE drive and 512mb RAM. He will be adding more memory and other tweaks to improve performance. In coming months we will also work out arangements with other radical ISPs to mirror our content, which will further reduce downtime and provide more backups of our data. This new arrangement will cost us money--our previous situation provided us with free hosting and bandwidth--so look for some information posted soon on the Flag and Infoshop sites about how you can donate to help us pay for hosting and bandwidth. Thank you for your patience and support! Websites currently hosted by Flag.blackened.net: An Anarchist FAQ :: a good place to start. Anarchist Image Archive :: Images relating to Anarchism. The Anarchist Library :: Complete essays by Anarchist thinkers. Anarcho-Syndicalism 101 :: I might have done more homework in school if... Infoshop :: Your guide to online Anarchism. Institute for Anarchist Studies :: Awards grants for scholarly Anarchist research. Institute for Social Ecology - Seeking radical solutions to social and ecological problems since 1974. Kate Sharpley Library :: Anarchist Literature and History archiving project. The Memory Hole :: Mainly an Egoist/Indvidualist Anarchist resource site, now hosted locally. A People's Libertarian Index :: Left Libertarian web page collection. The Life and Works of Rudolph Rocker :: Syndicalist and anti-Nazi. One of the very best Anarchist minds. World Wide Anarchism :: Index of Anarchist Links, well-organized by topic. Local Struggles All City Anarchists :: Anarchist AgitProp and info group in Melbourne, Australia. Anarchist Groups of New York :: Alternative News, Book Stores, Anarchist Yellow Pages, WSA, etc. Heatwave :: Anarco-Communism in the Lone-Star State. London Class War :: No War but the Class War! Struggle :: Local struggles in Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, Position Papers and more. Words of War :: A Spanish site of rebellion Worker's Solidarity Movement :: Home for the Irish Worker's Solidarity Movement, highly recommended pages. Zapatista Index :: Index's all the important documents online in English about the Zapatistas Zines and Publications Black Flag :: Anarchist Mutual Aid and Voluntarism zine from the U.K. Folkmakt :: Swedish Council Communist periodical. Harbinger :: A journal of social ecology Left Green Perspectives :: Developing a communalist perspective. liberation-army.org :: laugh impolitely at the powers that be The New Formulation :: An anti-authoritarian review of books. Oompa-Lumpen :: A Zine for the Little People Red & Black Revolution :: Anarchist theoretical magazine Workers Solidarity :: Irish anarchist paper produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement Miscellaneous Anarchist Global Action :: IWW Direct-Action. Organize to Resist! Psychological Freedom Now! :: Free your mind so that society might follow. FreeBSD FreeBSD for the Lazy and Hopeless :: Some how-to info for beginners. Genealogy Robison :: Clinkinbeard, Esquivel, Frederick, Reisinger, Thornton, Vanderburgh. Approx. 4,500 individuals. Seedorf :: Bruckel, Ebert, Koelle, Seeger, Thomssen. Approx. 100 individuals. ### http://flag.blackened.net http://www.infoshop.org