Reporting from Washington, D.C., your nation's capital. While subject matter below is three months and a quarter old, better late than never. Though it is not too late. As a forty year old Black man, I have to state with happiness that Blacks do not have a leader. If we did, the evil that goes on would not be happening in Washington, D.C., the U.S. as whole nor the world. Reverend "Gigolo" Jackson is a perfect example of everything shot to Hell in the Black community; Sean "Puff Daddy; P.Diddy; Or Whatever" Combs should not have surprised us with his shady community organization, 'Citizen Change' aka Vote Or Die Campaign for the 2004 Presidential Election. I will mention it over and over again: Sean Combs boasted to have the largest voter registration drive and get out the vote drive for people 18 years and older in history; Yet. sorry to say, it was Combs who played two sides of the field. He showed up at the Democratic Presidential Convention and the Republican Convention. Young voters were given no choice on this end, because they were confused and Combs contributed to that trouble. Better to know this now and be happy, as it pertains to "no Black leaders", than to find out later and be miserable. On to the issue at hand, which brings us to the Reverend Al "James Brown" Sharpton, former 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidate. As a Washington, D.C. Independant voter, I joined Al Sharpton's campaign, and stood with him right up to the end. He raised issues others chose to ignor. However, I have to be honest here. In the Black community, we do not need windbags who are only going to give lip service; we need fighters. Following the election, in 2005, Reverend Al Sharpton has asked the Federal Communications Commission to regulate rap entertainment. On March 25th, the proposal before the F.C.C. seeks to "impose fines on artists and radio stations that encourage a pattern" of inciting violence. But the F.C.C. already enforces the airwaves. Not only that, radio stations throughout the U.S. have their own policies which help keep violent entertainment out of it's programming. The solution to this problem does not lie with government, but the citizen-soldier who needs to burn down the record stores and internet service providers that allow hostile entertainment into the community. These kinds of businesses know what they are doing, and talking to the government will do no good. They are part of the problem. This is why the great prophets of the Bible never resorted to the antics like Reverend Al "James Brown" Sharpton. They just asked God to give them the ability to wage war against them, and did just that. Now that is "Getting On The Good Foot"!