Firstly, I grieve for the victims in London. It is hard not to speculate on the likely outcome: The conspiracy theorists/denialists will be out in full regalia. The Downing Street Memos were out after all, so there is a motive for British complicity. Another outcome you can bank on: our government, the Bush junta, will make a pronouncement which will frighten the citizens and benefit the military industrial complex. More likely than not extreme right wingers will call us naive. They will point to the attacks in London to further diminish our civil liberties, to renew their racist and reactionary call for our combined military to continue aerial and land bombardment of the civilian populations of countries which never harmed us. I'm not sure who or what will take credit for this horrible deed, but it's not hard to see this as a cycle of violence. We know that a 100,000 civilians in Iraq are dead as a result of U.S./British led war of aggression that was fought on a false premise. Perhaps this is a motive, perhaps not. We may never know. We do know that other capitals such as France saw militant bombings when that country occupied Algeria. We know of the sad legacy of the human animal which includes the need for revenge. What a mess the world is in today.