Reporting live from Washington, D.C., your nation's capital and tax money at work; Well, as far as work is concerned, atleaste it is supposed to be that way. But from the way things are going in D.C., I don't know. But you decide. Read on. It's been a month and a half since retired D.C. Police Officer Russell Price, Jr., now a relationship expert, delivered his speech on relationships. Held at the Woodridge Library in N.E. D.C., May 16th this year, the title was: "Beyond He Or She Is Just Not That Into You". This was a free workshop, with the summary on helping the sexes "get the love you want and deserve". Price was in attendance with Diane Kern, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. As a single Black 39 year old man, I didn't attend this event for my own benefit, but as a member of the press. Most of the guests at this workshop were Black women, outnumbering the men; majority of the "discussion by Price himself was aimed in favor of the women. I mean, men are people too, Mr. Price and Ms. Kern. Through all of his arguments, Price and some women choose to ignor is the fact that it is men who die sooner than women. In bringing up his past as a retired D.C. Police Officer, Price mentions to the men that, he always had to lock men up when a relationship was going bad. In refering to a book he previously wrote, "You Might Not Have A Woman If. . ." the lady you are involved with is always calling 911 on you". But one has to be observant of the circumstances, where the problem in itself is never absolute. Most relationship disputes do not get ugly until the other person, normally the woman, puts her hands on the man in a life or body threatening manner. Not only is it natural but it is right for a man or even the woman to defend themselves when attacked without reason. You are in another world if you wish to think otherwise. Another item on Price's agenda led to a subject from his second book, "Is He Your Man Or Is Your Head In The Sand"? Here the author and relationship expert gave a few examples, one in particular, "the engagement ring" theory. He mentions a man exending an engagement ring to a woman, promising to marry her, but he has set no date. Price remarks, "I never heard of an engagement ring without a date. He might be stringing you along. I don't know". But let's be realistic, Mr. Price, who is saying all of this with a smile on his face, the man "might not" be stringing her along. The other side of the coin, the man may be sincere with his engagement ring. But you have to remember: just like everything in life, unless it is on paper or made sincere, an engagement ring does not guanrantee anything. Not even a marriage does that. An engagement between a man and a woman is a testing ground, where they are getting fully comfortable with each other before the big step. Price then led the audience into the five levels of a relationship between a man and a woman. ( To be continued Monday July 18th, 2005 )