From Washington, D.C. In a recently published D.C. East Of The River Magazine, D.C. City Councilman Kwame Brown mentioned at a June Ward 8 Democratic meeting that, "to make sure that Ward 8 residents get their fair share of stadium jobs". His remarks centered on the project labor agreement that the District government has been negotiating with labor unions and private contractors over the contruction of the baseball stadium. Brown also brought up an incident that he was involved in at City Hall, which houses council offices. East Of The River magazine reported that Brown mentioned the fact that, "It was late at night and I forgot my keycard, but I had my identity card, and I was trying to get in the door. The security guards wouldn't let me in. They just looked at me and told me to get my keycard. And if that is how a D.C. City Councilmember gets treated, you know that this kind of stuff happens to our young African-American men all the time". Brown is 29 years old. The article concludes: "Brown said that his staff was looking into the matter and was working on a strategy to comprehensively approach what he termed racial-youth bias in the city'. Now that D.C. City Councilman Brown has offered this shady side of a story, let me tell you what actually happened, and the reasons for Mr. Brown down at D.C. City Council offices after very late hours. The Washington City Paper previously reported a different story. Oh, by the way, before getting into this, I want all readers to know that Iam a 40 year old Black man, having the very best interests of your nation's capital at heart. Including young Black men--and women. More than D.C. City Councilman Brown will ever have. At any rate, Washington City Paper disclosed that D.C. City Councilman Kwame Brown showed up on City Hall property---at two o'clock in the morning! His reason: He forgot 'Washington Nationals' Baseball tickets that he promised to another new D.C. City Councilman, Vincent Gray of Ward 7. This is not pressing business. There is more serious issues that need to be corrected than to be worried about "missing a party". Just check out the failing public schools, libraries, public university, innercity neighborhoods. Race and youth bias had nothing to do with Brown not getting into council offices, because during my dailey visits to that office, I have only seen Black officers on duty. Though ofcourse, that does not mean there was not a White officer or Latino present---at two o'clock in the morning!!! But regardless of that, he made poor judgement during his odd hours visit, which includes ill reasons for showing up there. Councilman Brown is making a false claim, while at the same disrespecting not only D.C. taxpayers, but taxpayers in New York, as well as those throughout the rest of the 49 states, waisting money on a fraudulent accusation. Furthermore, this is disrespectful to Blacks. It does not do us any good "whining" about wanting to still be a child.