DigiFestival.net – Cantiere of Virtual Art 2005 edition is about to begin!
Subscriptions are closed by now and we’re counting the work done in this year.
Finally on August 15th at 00:00 GMT all videos will be published and made available to the public all at the same time and all art lovers and curious will be able to view and to vote for them!
We really count on the audience interest in the festival and we believe this “web-vote” to be the main moment of diffusion and promotion for the works and the artists who made them. The web audience holds the responsibility to choose the DigiFestival.net absolute winner, the video that, independently from the discipline it is participating in, will be considered the best of all.
To make this possible in every artist page are present the video, available in four streaming qualities, all the info about the artist and a voting system, that is a form by which it will be possible to vote for the work with ratings between “excellent” and “poor”.

We are also proud to present in this occasion the specialized jurors for each single discipline, and we take this chance to thank them for the enthusiasm they showed in the acceptance of our request to be part of the jury. The jurors will have the works available for evaluation on the Internet as for the audience plus a hard copy of the originals we received from artists in order to be able to better evaluate the works in their original format.

The judge for the sport section is Mr. Franco Morabito. Mr. Morabito is President of the Tuscan Group of Sport Journalists (USSI) since 2001, he is actually partner of many Italian national newspapers such as Corriere dello Sport, ANSA, Il Messaggero and La Citta’. Mr. Morabito supported DigiFestival since the beginning for the space given to sport videos, a traditional sphere not usually considered as artistic.

For the photography section the juror who accepted our invitation is Mr. Lorenzo Guasti; professional photographer in the still-life sphere and tied with web sites creation, expert in image archiving, digital elaboration for artistic goals and, since 2003, founder and director of Digiarte, digital photography and design international showcase held in Florence yearly.

In the movies section the competent juror is Prof. Vito Tobbia, cinema expert, teacher of history of cinema and screenplay since the eighties at the Institute of Cinema Sciences of Florence, member of four editions of the “Segno d’Argento” Cinematographic Prize and right after professor of History of European and Italian Cinema in various overseas colleges and universities.

Professor Nuccio D’Angelo is in charge of the music section, classical guitar teacher in Italian and American music schools, composer and multi-awarded musician in eminent international guitar contests, other than author of multi recorded music pieces.

More details on jurors bios and formation are available on the festival website in the homepage in The Jury section at www.digifestival.net/jury.asp.
The jury commission is completed with the festival organizers, the DigiFestival.net staff.

We are very much satisfied with the results obtained in this first edition.
It has been an ambitious project, born from the will of creating a meeting point for artists coming from all over the world, who could be able to “compete” and confront themselves also in those disciplines not usually accustomed to the video format for their diffusion.
Not all the disciplines in the contest have participants; the DigiFestival.net encountered a bit of resistance and difficulties mainly for what concerns figurative arts and theatre & dance. Though we believe we will go over this block in the 2006 edition, we have already been working on for a while conscious that the work done during this past year lay strong foundations for the next editions.

In this matter, during the prize-giving festival final event to be held in Florence on Saturday October 15th 2005 in the main central pavilion of Mercafir, the Art in Vision staff right after the prize-giving ceremony will present the program of the DigiFestival.net 2006 edition!

Such event will have as special guests the artists enrolled in the festival together with the partners, sponsors and the representatives of all the institutions that collaborated to the festival and event realization in a public meeting that will carry back in the physical reality the virtual gallery of the Internet website.
In fact the DigiFestival.net 2005 Final Event has been created to transpose the DigiFestival.net from Cantiere of Virtual Art to a physical gallery with an expo space for the works of the festival winners and the participants in the contest. The Final Event will than be carried back to the Internet through the online publication of the video shootings of the prize-giving night.
From the Internet reality the DigiFestival website will be transferred, for a special night, in a vital center for the commercial activity of the city of Florence, the fruit central market, a structure not new to art events that in some past occasions opened its doors to concerts and artistic events.

We imagined this final event like an incursion in another dimension, a landing on “planet Mercafir” between fruit and vegetables in the wait for the fly on the air with new images, new music and maybe new tastes!

The final event is opened to everybody and carries the program of the award presentation to the winners of the 2005 edition hosted by a special guest whose face is well known to many Tuscan people; the screening in “video points” of the works in the contest and in the end the party with music ‘til late night.

We take this chance to thank in advance the Board of Directors at Mercafir for the possibility offered to us and to their believing in our project either on the art side or as an initiative for a re-launch of the City of Florence in the contemporary art culture.

We will be waiting for you all on the www.digifestival.net website from August 15th 2005 to watch and vote for the works in the festival and we remind you to keep free for Saturday October 15! You’re all invited to the party!

Maria Novella Gai
External Relations DigiFestival.net

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