Dear Friends:
There are about 1300 people here who need help. I would appreciate it
if you could forward this information to federal and state authorities
and press in the US and in Louisiana to make sure these sick people
are cared for. Some had transplant surgery this AM!
I am in Memorial Hospital in New Orleans. We have nearly 200 very
sick people, hundreds of staff and hundreds more families. The
hospital has some basic electricity but many rooms have no electricity
and many stairwells have no electricity/ There is no a/c and no
external windows. We cannot phone out and can receive few incoming
calls. The water is rising and the hospital is already surrounded by
water. Once the water hits the first floor, the computers, the email,
all intercoms, and all internal communication inside
the hospital will cease.
Our phones do not work so this is the only way I can reach out. This
is not official but what I have been able to find out from listening
to many, many people here.
The City of New Orleans is completely overwhelmed. No electricity. Incredible wind damage and now a broken levee that is flooding the
city even further.
Please make sure that someone is working to make sure these sick
people and their families are helped.
They need care. For hours they have been announcing that patients are
going to be medivaced (is this a
word?) to other hospitals and shelters. But little real action so far.
I know there is much, much to do out there, but these sick people
need attention asap.
Please reach out in whatever way you can to make sure these folks are
cared for.
Peace and love,
Bill Quigley

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