The Bush regime has the resources to kill 100,000
people in Iraq, but it can't find the resources to
rescue 100,000 Black people in New Orleans? BULLSHIT!

Today - join us for an emergency protest to demand
immediate aid be sent to save the lives of those who
are stranded throughout the Gulf.

Further - this is a criminal, utterly illegitimate and
morally bankrupt regime! The world can't wait any
longer - it must be driven from power!

4:30 pm
26 Federal Plaza
(just below Canal on Broadway)

Organizers conference for the World Can't Wait - Drive
Out the Bush Regime will take place this weekend -
Sept 3 & 4th. Info available here:

Statement from Revolutionary Communist Party follows:

Hurricane Katrina: The People Did Not Have to Die

Statement by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA --
August 31, 2005

Special posting for Revolution, August 31, 2005,
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There was no way to stop Hurricane Katrina, but the
chaos, suffering and death that resulted from this
storm WAS preventable. Why didn’t the government
organize massive and systematic evacuation? Why
weren’t the levees maintained? Why were so many people
left to fend for themselves?

This government has spent hundreds of billions for the
war in Iraq – but didn’t evacuate a city facing a
devastating storm that had been predicted for days.
They got all kinds of helicopters and transport plans
in Iraq but in New Orleans people were trapped in the
city and stuffed into the sports stadium.

People, from all walks of life, are suffering because
preventive measures that could have lessened the
effects of the hurricane are not profitable. People
were forced into an "every-man-for-himself" situation,
so millions were left to try and survive on their own.
Over 100,000 people were left in New Orleans -- often
because they didn't have a car, gas or cash.

This disaster revealed the unequal and oppressive
relations of this system. People live in conditions
where when a disaster hits, they are left in severe
and needless danger of death. On TV, we’ve seen the
many thousands of Black people trapped in New Orleans
and other dangerous places. We see the results of
slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and the present-day
effects of this oppressive history in sharp relief.

Before the storm even hit, Louisiana's governor Blanco
gave authorities the power to suspend civil liberties.
Federal Homeland Security officials have declared a
national emergency. In the media, people desperately
trying to survive are being demonized as "dangerous
armed gangs of looters." Meanwhile, the governor is
sending in troops. All this cannot be good for the

Louisiana’s governor called for a day of prayer. And
while individuals can pray if they want, the
government should be meeting the needs of the people,
mobilizing others to help, not telling people to pray.

The new developing dangers are caused by the way that
society is set up, NOT by nature. New suffering must
be prevented. The disaster that looms is not
IT. If people are NOT mobilized in this way, if the
government is NOT forced to take URGENT measures right
away, then hundreds and possibly thousands more will
needlessly die from disease and/or not being rescued.

* At the government’s expense: People must be
housed and cared for until they can safely return to
their homes; hotels, convention centers, and other
buildings must be provided to people in need of
shelter; there must be free communication for people
to contact relatives. Immediately, there must be
emergency medical care and measures to prevent massive
epidemics and needless dying. There must be no arrests
for so-called looting. There must be emergency relief
–people must be immediately provided with water, food,
medicines, and other basic needs FREE OF CHARGE.
* The needs of all must be met, with first
priority to those most urgently in need. There must be
immediate, orderly, and safe evacuation. If necessary,
events in nearby cities must be cancelled to
accommodate people. People must not be evacuated into
situations which are going to reproduce disease and
* There must be intense search and rescue efforts
in all areas. People must NOT be allowed to die. All
necessary resources, including mobilizing volunteers,
must be brought to bear on this. The government must
not repress people who volunteer or prevent them from
helping, but instead, must assist these efforts.
* There must be no profiteering and speculation
off people’s misery by the sharks of insurance
companies, oil monopolies, real estate developers,

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