Report from Washington, D.C.

In both the September 1st, 2005 issues of the Washington City Paper and Post,
a surprising report was made:

Washington lawyer and D.C. City Council candidate A. Scott Bolden made a visit
all the way to New York City, where he starred in a thirty-second TV campaign
ad, bashing Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morenthau.

In the spot, Bolden says that the Manhattan D.A. fails to promote enough
"people of color" during his t enure. Bolden is supporting former Judge Leslie
Crocker Snyder, who hopes to unseat Morgenthau. But Bolden's testimonial
can't even be trusted. In his position last year as Chairman of the D.C.
Democratic State Committee, Bolden wrote a three column editorial in the
March 2004 East of The River, a Washington magazine, opposing the recall
campaign of D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams. Yet, the recall was an efffort that most
Blacks in D.C. supported. The same problems that brought the recall campaign
about---crime, extreme poverty and failing schools, still plague the District
today. And this is the nation's capital, where taxpayers throughout the
country send their money to help pay for city government. Sadly to say,
however, the recall campaign illegally failed. Stolen petitions was the order
of the day. But even as Bolden was unseated as head of the D.C. Democratic
State Committee last year, he then made another attempt: Creating an
exploratory committee in January 2005 to be a candidate for D.C. Mayor in
2006. However, a released Washington poll in June 2005 indicated that he
did not even have a snowballs chance in Hell to win as Mayor.

At the present, Bolden seeks the office of D.C. City Council, which, again, is a
snowballs chance in Hell. In his efforts, Bolden has attempted to give Blacks
the impression that he gives a damn about us. When in fact, it shows the