All Out!

Protest at the Times Square Recruiting Office

Money for the victims of the hurricane – Not for war!

Friday, Sept. 2 - 5:PM

Now more than at any other time, the people of this country are watching the tragedy unfolding in the south, and wondering about the close to 300 billion dollars that Bush has wasted on the war in Iraq , and they are saying, “No More! – this has to stop now – the war and occupation of Iraq must be ended immediately, all of the troops must be withdrawn, and all of the technology, money needed to stop the dieing and suffering must be sent to the hurricane victims immediately.”

It is offensive for former Presidents Clinton and Bush to call on people to make donations to help the victims. Bush didn’t say that paying for the war and occupation of Iraq would be contingent on voluntary donations; he just went ahead and stole the money from our public schools, healthcare and other social programs.

Join us tomorrow at 5:00 pm at Times Square to demand immediate relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. At the protest, activists will announce plans for a Nationwide Day of Solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The protest tomorrow is just the beginning of a movement to fight for relief and justice for the victims of the hurricane.

The U.S government and especially the Bush Administration are guilty of criminal negligence. Government officials at every level, including the White House, have long known that the millions of people who live and work in the coastal regions of the southern part of the U.S. along the gulf of Mexico, and especially the people of New Orleans, which lies below sea level, were vulnerable to precisely the kind of disaster that it is now suffering.

It’s not lost on anyone that the overwhelming majority of the victims are poor Black people. If those affected were white and affluent the government’s response would be as different as night and day. Because of the race of most of the victims, the government has so far chosen to focus on criminalizing people in the street who are taking what they need to survive instead of the desperation of the thousands of people who are literally starving for water, food and medical attention.

The U.S. Federal Government, more than any government in the world, has access to unlimited resources as well as state of the art air, water and ground technology to aid in the rescue and relief operations. Yet it is clear that the unfolding human catastrophe that has killed an untold number of people, and put the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in peril was a consequence not only of a lack of preparation, but also drastic cuts in the funds needed to reinforce old and weakened structures that were suppose to protect the people of New Orleans from flooding. In the aftermath of this disaster, where there should have been a massive rescue and assistance effort mounted to save people endangered by the flood, and feed, house, and provide medical care under human conditions to victims, the government instead has stood by and allowed people to die and suffer needlessly. This injustice must end, but it only will if we stand up and demand it.

Troops Out Not Coalition