(...An appeal from Ryan Harvey from the Riot-Folk Collective

Hello friends, riotfolk contacts, musicians, food not bombers, medics, and assorted other activist folks...

This is an appeal for folks to organize benefit events, send support materials (especially baby foods, diapers, underwear, canned foods, water supplies, etc) or head down to areas like Houston to help support refugees from the hurricane.

Benefit events could be a great help to groups such as www.getyouracton.com who are grassroots activists from New Orleans now working on direct relief efforts, working outside of the racist beauocracy of the current mainstream relief.

The National Guard has shoot-to-kill orders and the police seem more concerned with looters than with folks still trapped on their roof. This is a solid example of racism and classism in this system and is also a slap in the face for anyone who thinks that planet aint warming up and offering consequences.

Anarchist and food not bombs folks in Houston are working on relief efforts as well, I can plug you in there if you want. Groups of action medics may be heading down, as well as a van from Hartford, CT Food not Bombs, heading down on Monday.

In this time, it is more urgent that folks with experience in medical responce search for ways to help, as folks are prevented from truly helping by either the army or by the police in many cases.

So. If you can set up a show or a few shows, to benefit, consider sending the cash to www.getyouracton.com and tell Andrea there I gave you contact info. Also see www.neworleans.indymedia.org for updated info.

In solidarity,