Don’t let another Independent Media voice go out!

From the staff at INN World Report

Since 2002, the Inn World Report daily evening news has been reporting untold or underreported news stories and conducting exclusive interviews. Our team has broken stories on foreign policy, voting fraud, questions surrounding 9/11, the battle for the environment, lost history, and other difficult topics rarely found in broadcast TV news.

The response has been overwhelming.

Our primary outlet, Free Speech TV (9415 on Dish Network satellite) airs each day's show three times daily and we are picked up by an estimated 60 + cable access stations around the country.

Since its first broadcast in 2002 INN has been a Free Voice amid the ever-increasing stranglehold of corporate media in America. Everyday we receive feedback from viewers like you who thank us for covering the news that mainstream television so often chooses to bury or forget. But this is a voice that is dying out due to a simple lack of money to stay on the air.

Unlike their other new shows, Free Speech TV does not support INN financially. To date we have only been supported by individuals who believe in our mission. And because we are prohibited from asking for donations on the air, this email comes to you now with a humble request for assistance.

Simply put, we need your help if INN is to continue broadcasting. Please don’t let what viewers have called the most 'real' news on TV go off the air.

Help us continue to broadcast our nightly news show and you will keep one of the last vestiges of truly free media on the air helping people understand today’s difficult

topics from a unique social justice perspective.

Any amount of money goes a long way here at INN. No amount is too small or too large. Our September goal is to raise a modest $40,000.00 through online and mail-in donations. This is a very small sum in broadcast television, but it will pay for an entire fall season of the daily INN show.

Please go to our new streaming website, and give anything you can through the online donations link now active. There is a free voice still reporting the news, and that voice is the INN World Report. Help us stay on the air today.

With help from viewers like you we can insure that INN will continue to “bring you the news the networks won’t tell you.”

Even if you cannot donate at this time there are important ways you can help us continue broadcasting:

1. Call or E-mail FSTV's station manager Jon Stout at 303-442-8445 or and tell him INN is important to you.

2.Contact any other stations that you want to see carry our program.

We are a New York nonprofit and have recently applied for 501c3 tax status. For tax deductible donations please contact the station directly. We are also currently applying to foundation grants and talking to investors, but this all takes time. Our budget is available to any interested party and we welcome questions? Call us directly at 646-613-8223.

As part of our fall fundraising and promotional drive, we hope to offer an audio version of the news free to any nonprofit stations or websites who wish to carry it. If you would like to receive this daily news stream, please contact the station at 646-613-8223 or email at