My inspiration for starting this blog came in large part from reading andcontributing to a blog called The Oil Drum (TOD: Theyhave done an excellent job of covering the international and national levelnews related to Peak Oil, adding their expert commentary and perspective.Their recent coverage of the implications of Katrina for the oil industryhas been absolutely stellar, providing insider information on what is reallyhappening behind the scenes before the Mainstream Media reports on it. I started this blog to cover local issues on transportation, energy,housing, etc from the perspective of preparing for the eventual consequencesof peak oil since each community will have to adapt in different ways. The folks over at TOD have invited me to join their new scoop website and Ihave gladly accepted. Over the next week I will be transitioning this blogover to The Scoop website will allow for greater interactivity and collaboration.This collaboration between national and local contributors all in one placewill help us better share best practices and learn from each other. I will be calling on folks from the NYC Tri-State Area to become regularcontributors, particularly if you have expertise in specific areas. Staytuned for more details. With that, I will be on vacation until Tuesday evening, only writing from myBlackberry if something really strikes me. I hereby grant Ianqui full powersto post whatever she wants. Finally please dig deep into your pockets and contribute what you can to thevictims of Katrina. Craigslist has a good list of charities and is running atemporary housing matching program.