Four months after the official launch of their campaign for undocumented worker’s rights in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Make The Road By Walking and the “Awake Brooklyn!” campaign celebrated two victories in the past two weeks.

Make the Road’s campaign against The Super Star 99 cent store came to an official close two weeks ago when the owner, Khubaib Massoud, capitulated to all of the workers demands after a summer of boycotts, campaigning and increased pressure from the Attorney General’s office.

According to Burt Pecard, a union organizer and member of Make The Road, Massoud has agreed to re open the Super Star 99, re-hire all the previously fired workers, increase weekly pay from $270 a week to $440, provide his employees with three paid sick days and six paid vacation days a year, and has promised not to interfere with union organizing efforts among his workers. He will also eventually be required to pay up to $70,000 in back wages.

Super Star is not the only recent success for undocumented workers in Bushwick. On August 21st the companies Foot Co. and New York Sneakers also agreed to a list of demands from workers, including a neutrality agreement promising not to fight union organizing, after Make The Road threatened to unleash their next boycott campaign against the two companies.

Andrew Friedman, one of the founders of Make The Road, says the recent successes have only fortified their struggle, stating that workers at Super Star, Foot Co., and New York sneakers are expected to put in a demand to unionize sometime next week. When asked about future campaigns Friedman said, “Once we help them unionize and negotiate a strong contract we’re going to be ready to move on to other stores.”