I know that most people here are well aware of the complex and horrifying situation in America right now. I realize that many people are saving articles, audio/video clips, and documentation of current events as well as recent past and historical evidence. It is my personal opinion (perhaps shared by many here) that an effort is being made to control the flow of current information and to alter the historical data.

Every time a large disaster occurs accountability gets swept aside in favor of the far more inspirational and positive focus on rescue and emotional release. I understand this we all need this, but we cannot allow our needs to be manipulated into a whitewash. Yes there will be time to evaluate the disaster later, but how many people will remember only the successes, the rescues, the heroes.

There have been thousands of genuinely heroic acts in this disaster, many unsung and unknown heroes in every walk of life and every branch of the military and local government. Right now many are still risking their lives to save others. Everyone of them deserves our thanks and support, but our responsibility does not end with our thanks, our condolences, or our donations.

We have to build and maintain a call for full accountability of officials at all levels and a full account of public and private funds involved both before and after this disaster.

I do not mean to be insensitive, but time is of the essence. It is not unpatriotic to bring up these issues right now, it is our civic responsibility to inform ourselves about matters of public safety and human rights.

Look what happened after Sept. 11th. Who has been held accountable? Where did the appropriated funding go? How well did the Red Cross handle that situation?

I am writing this because I see vital information being suppressed and ignored by the media. The media almost had a breakthrough on this one but it's being squashed. We know this from the way they squashed information regarding Sept.11th. How much of this suppression is voluntary and how much is pressure from "above" - I don't know.

In regard to the current situation in along the Gulf coast:

Please save as much information as you can about the following topics because certain key documents may disappear down the memory hole quite fast. Please add to this list and include links:

Issues and info that may disappear:
-Biological hazards from microbiology labs
-Varies chemical facilities and the companies that own them
-Oil rigs, tankers, and platforms - damage assessment, leaks, spills
-Nuclear radiation effects - even from low level contamination
- information on power plants, nuclear waste from hospitals, outpatient facilities and research labs
-Effects on marine biology and migration
-Economic disaster

Beware of whitewash – it’s hazardous to public health!

This was just a natural disaster...
No one could have known...
It's a natural disaster so it's not anyone's fault...
It took a long time to get troops/supplies to the area...
Bush brought the troops...
Everybody's been doing everything they could since the beginning...
Nobody ever thought it would be that big...
It was just the poor, the sick, and the elderly...
We can't change the past so we just have to think about the future...

It's un-American to:
1.talk about whose fault this is when we're in the middle of a national emergency
2.discuss any political aspects of this situation we have to pull together and concentrate on the refugees
3.question your superiors