wanted for mass murder

wanted for mass murder

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The Bush regime is wanted for the murders of thousands of people in the New
Orleans area. These gangsters:

Slashed the funds for flood control and environmental preservation that
could have saved thousands of lives;

Trapped at least 100,000 people in New Orleans by refusing to provide
them with the means to leave;

Denied water, food, medical care and other vital necessities to the
people they stranded in New Orleans, and rounded them up into modern-day
slave ships;

Ordered the cold-blooded murder of so-called “looters” for
desperately trying to provide for people’s basic needs;

Enforced and promoted the most blatant racism.

The Bush regime must be held politically accountable for these unacceptable
and unconscionable crimes and driven from office – NOW!
Warning: This regime is extremely dangerous and must – and can only
– be stopped by millions of people taking mass, independent action.
Mobilize November 2, 2005!

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