One option for the Bush/Rove White House to deal with the devestation and human misery of Hurricane Katrina is to get the US Military to "Bomb" New Orleans and other hard hit areas of the hurricane.How could Bush&Rove justify this? Well the simplest thing to do is to state they have "intelligence" that Osamma Bin Laden has been hiding in that area and that the people in New Orleans and along the gulph coast have been aiding and abetting him! This would logically follow that they were "illegal combatants" and anti-American "terrorists"! The benefit would be that it would be easier to scrape up the hurricane survivor's now "bombed bodies" than it would be paying to rescue,transport,feed and house them.After all Bush & Rove could easily see how those hundreds of millions in diaster relief could be better spent in the ongoing Iraq war rather than encouraging (mostly black) folks in the economically depressed south.

Another bold move Bush & Rove might formulate is to declare Louisiana and Mississippi as being part of the countries of Iraq and/or Afghanistan.When this is done then the Bush Admin. and Pentagon can freely and legally(?) "Bomb" these "evil-doer"states into the stoneage like they've done in Afghanistan or are presently doing in Iraq.If Bush & Rove kill all the (black) people in the gulph states then like in Iraq,all that will be left is the land for them to administer and do with as they like.The mayor of New Orleans recently said that the inaction of the Bush Govt. to help the hurricane victims was a "disgrace"! Now Bush or one or two of his cronies just might see his inaction in helping the hurricane victims as a "disgrace"? But Bush knows from experience that tarring them as "evil-doer-terrorists,who are plotting a heinous anti-America jihad against the good ole USA will (with a little maudlin patriotism) quickly and easily work (like before!) and give him the right to bomb them into smithereens! Onward "Born Again" Christian soldiers!