(Sung To The Tune Of:
"House of the Risin' Sun")

There was a town called New Orleans
Destroyed by a risin' flood
It's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And, Lord, I know I'm one.

My mother lived near a levee
Where a small crack could be seen
They gambled and did not repair it
Down in New Orleans.

My father was a laborer
Helped build the tall buildings
On top of what were once wetlands
That protected New Orleans.

We heard about Katrina
And were told to "evacuate"
But if you can't afford an automobile
There is no way to escape.

The global warming's hurricane
It overflowed the lake
A flood broke through the levee
And many people sank.

Go tell my baby sister
"Food and water are on the way"
While she's abandoned outside a stadium
For more than three nights and days.

Both feet in the water
Above us the hot sun
I'm never goin' back to New Orleans
Destroyed by a risin' flood.