Campus Anti-war Network National Day of Action:
Raise funds! Raise your voice!
Speak Out!
Money for RELIEF not WAR!
Wednesday 1-2 pm in front of HUNTER WEST

Images of the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina have filled the media for over a week, and only one conclusion can be drawn: this disaster is far from natural. From plundering flood prevention funds for the unjust war in Iraq, to the completely racist lack of a plan to evacuate poor and sick residents from the area, the priorities of our government have been on display. And to add insult to injury, anyone who dares to take food, water, or diapers for their family from abandoned stores is labeled a "looter" and the National Guard (fresh from Iraq) have SHOOT to KILL orders.

But Bush is facing massive criticism for his arrogance and disregard. Now is the time to build an opposition to his criminal policies.

While outpourings of volunteers and donations for the victims can help in the here and now, we need to organize to stop Bush's war and rebuild the region fairly for all affected.

So please JOIN US in speaking your mind against this outrage. All donations will go to local grassroots groups and churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas helping the victims.