SOS rescue

SOS rescue

Can you help to save the animals affected by hurricane katrina?

I am disgusted that American Government officials in the New Orleans disaster did not allow many people to keep their pets who managed to survive the hurricane disaster. Pets are loved and part of a family. For people who do not have family or have lost family in the disaster, it is even more heartbreaking that their rescued pets would be taken away from them or left to die or exterminated. I know that there are a lot of people homeless, but for many people their pets mean as much to them as family and friends, and can give enormous comfort. Cats and dogs are mammals like us, have emotions and give and receive love.

Some of the people who stayed in New Orleans stayed for their pet family members and will not leave without them. The authorities need to stop bullying them into leaving. They should provide assistance to people who will only evacuate with their pets. Government agencies should assist people who survived the hurricane and remain or want to return to see if their pets are still alive. Some government officials have been preventing people from returning to homes, instead of this authoritarian policy, they should help animal rescue charities and their volunteers to access areas affected in New Orleans and gulf area to rescue pets and other stranded animals that could die soon. Put pressure on the government to do this. The more people that volunteer, the more people and pets that can be saved in time.

The slow response of international, including American, animal aid charities in the tsunami must not happen in New Orleans. Please pressure the American Government and help animal charities to ensure that this doesn’t happen again with hurricane katrina. I hope that thousands of animals are not allowed to suffer and die, and are rescued and that many can be reunited with their owners, or homed. They should log where the animals are found to increase the chances that they are reunited. They could build mass shelters, many animals have microchips in their neck.

Best Friends are doing excellent work, CNN television showed them rescuing animals from the overflowing river streets in the disaster areas, but more help is needed.
As clean-up efforts begin in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Best Friends is helping coordinate animal rescue work in the devastated areas. Best Friends Animal Society is helping out in three ways:
1. Coordinating efforts with humane societies and local rescue groups.
2. Collecting funds through The Best Friends Hurricane Relief Fund. All donations will go to rescue efforts for animals in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
3. Acting as a clearinghouse for news stories from local animal groups and individuals.
Best Friends members also are helping coordinate local rescue and fostering efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. See Best Friend's Special Report to read how you can help.

ASPCA PET RESCUE DIARY. See which rescue efforts are going on in these places:
DIARY: Mississippi , Austin, Texas, Louisiana SPCA Report, Houston SPCA Report, Help For Horses, Jackson, Mississippi, Houston SPCA, ASPCA On-Site Efforts

More information from the ASPCA: Hurricane Relief, Donate Now, Volunteer Now, Rescue Diary, Hurricane Hotline, TEMPORARY PET SHELTERS, Help for Horses Telephone (212) 876 7700 extn. 4700
Donations of money or goods, Volunteering, assistance on how to rescue Trapped Pets

Even though some people managed to save their pets, and they even went them to the stadium, Federal Government officials FORCED people to abandon their pets. Some pets are being rescued but many more have been separated from their families or will die or be killed. Please put pressure on President Bush, FEMA and your elected politicians to ensure that pets and other animals are saved. Let people know about this.

How could the American Government hurt these people when they need their pets for comfort? The animals, especially family members need to be saved as well as the people.

How you can help by volunteering or donating:
Hurricane Katrina Volunteer Registration:
I want to help the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina! In the coming weeks, animal shelters in the Gulf Coast area will need volunteers with a wide range of skills. Shelters in other parts of the country will need help, too, as they send teams of trained shelter staff to assist with relief efforts. Register now, and we’ll keep in touch with you as we learn of the shelters’ needs. Thank you for your caring and support.
Yes! I would like to help the shelters and animals affected by Hurricane Katrina!

Other welfare societies are helping animals affected by the hurricane.

Animal Welfare Disaster / Emergency Response Resources Animal welfare alerts, How to donate to the shelters. LINKS TO THESE ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETIES.
Monday, 5 September 2005, 7:00 am EST please check for updates
Most of the national rescue groups have now secured authorization to enter into the disaster areas to begin rescue operations and assist local agencies with providing emergency shelter to displaced animals.
The Louisiana SPCA is coordinating efforts, with assistance from teams from the ASPCA and HSUS, in the New Orleans area. The American Humane Association has been designated as the Incident Command organization based at the coliseum in Lafayette, Louisiana (LA). Many humane societies and animal control agencies have rescue teams and equipment on stand-by, ready to replace teams as needed and bring in additional resources in a coordinated manner.
Hotlines have been established with HSUS, ASPCA and LA SPCA to accept reports of animals needing to be rescued from the disaster zone. This information is being compiled into a central database and made available to the rescue agencies to coordinate rescue efforts.

The out-pouring of support from the animal welfare community, our corporate partners and the public has been phenomenal. We are inundated with inquiries from the public on what they can do to help. The best way to assist in the disaster relief efforts is to make a donation to the organizations involved so that they can purchase much needed supplies and equipment for the rescue and relief efforts and provide assistance to animal welfare groups impacted by Hurricane Katrina.
Shelters and Hotlines
Monday, 5 September 2005, 7:00 am EST
New Orleans Residents: The LA SPCA is preparing to upload photos and descriptions of rescued pets to in hopes of reuniting them with their owners. We will have a link at the top of this page once we receive the photos and descriptions. If you have lost your pet in the hurricane please check this page frequently.
They have also set up two hot-lines so residents can report animals they had to leave behind in homes or boarding facilities that need to be rescued. Again, this is for New Orleans residents only, please call 225-578-6111 or 888-773-6481.
Evacuees can house their animals at the following temporary animal shelters, owners are required to come by twice a day to care for their pets.
Lamar-Dixon Expo Center 9039 St. Landry Road, Gonzales, LA
Blackham Coliseum Cajundome Blvd. Lafayette
LSU Agriculture Center @ Parker Coliseum Baton Rouge
Ike Hamilton Center (large animals) 501 Mane Street, West Monroe
Monroe Civic Center (small animals) 401 Lea Joyner Memorial Expressway, Monroe
Mississippi Residents: A temporary animal shelter has been set up at the State Fairgrounds in Jackson, MS at the intersection of I-55 and High Street for more information you can call 800-252-0923.

Louisiana and Mississippi Residents can also report animals in need of rescue to HSUS at 1-800-HUMANE-1, this information will be passed on to the rescue teams in the disaster area.
Updates of Current Animal Welfare Rescue Efforts:
Monday, 5 September 2005, 7::00 am EST
Humane Society of the United States: Is preparing to leave the staging area in Jackson, MS to set up operations in the Hattiesburg area to be closer to the hardest hit areas of the gulf coast communities. They also have a team in Gonzales, LA assisting the LA SPCA with rescue and emergency shelter operations. Preparations are being made to send the adoptable animals, rescued from the Gulfport area on Thursday night, to shelters outside of Mississippi for adoption.
American Humane Association: Has received permission from Governor Kathleen Blanco to enter the state of Louisiana and are directing the majority of their team into the area. They are coordinating with the liaison from the State of Louisiana to determine which areas need their resources and are taking on Incident Command for the coliseum in Lafayette, LA.
United Animal Nations (EARS) , IFAW and Code 3 Associates combine resources: Beginning last night, we are now assisting with operation of an animal shelter in Monroe, Louisiana. EARS has also been asked by HSUS to take over their role at the pet friendly shelter in Jackson, Mississippi. At that shelter yesterday, our team assisted with the decontamination of approximately 120 animals who were rescued from the Gulport, Mississippi area. The dogs and cats were from a shelter located near a sewage plant that overflowed.

Noah's Wish: Noah's Wish is working in conjunction with Slidell Animal Control in Slidell, LA. Their 65 member team has been setting up the emergency shelter, as the animal control facility was flooded with ten feet of water, and responding to rescue requests from victims and law enforcement personnel. Pet owners who live in Slidell are urged to report to Heritage Park to report a lost or stranded pet between 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. and determine if their pet is at the emergency shelter. Katrina.htm

Read past animal welfare alerts >>
updated Monday, 5 September 2005, 7:00 pm EST
• Ascension Animal Advocates reports that their animals at the Ascension Parish Animal Shelter (LA78) are doing well. Staff have been assisting at the temporary animal shelter at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.
• Looziana Basset Rescue - evacuated safely and stayed with another member, Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue, all of their animals are fine.
• Mobile SPCA in Alabama is doing fine – office has a big hole in the ceiling but they are absolutely fine. Coordinating with So Mobile County and with MS to offer help where they can.
• Chaos and Critters - doing fine, available to help/take in reptiles, small pets (ferrets, rabbits), birds and exotics. Lost power for 3 days, minor roof damage – but fine otherwise.
• Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter sustained minor damage from rain and wind, otherwise doing alright.
• LA SPCA - All animals were safely evacuated to the Houston SPCA prior to the storm. Staff are now working on the rescue efforts in New Orleans. The State had to order them to stop evacuation efforts due to the violence in the area.
• Humane Society of South Mississippi - unfortunately we have been informed that a number of their animals did drown in the storm and tragically so did one of their staff. They were able to evacuate some of the animals out prior to the storm and are in the process of rescuing and relocating the others.
• St Francis Animal Sanctuary - we have heard that their animals are okay but the shelter is not. They are in the process of evacuating to the emergency shelter at the State Fairgrounds.
• MS ARL UPDATE: They have electricity back on and are having to boil water prior to use. They are staffing the shelter and the emergency shelter at the State Fairgrounds. If you would like to make a donation to them to assist them in their efforts please visit their web site and click on the guidestar donation button on their homepage.
• Pearl River County SPCA: "The shelter survived way better than I had expected. All the animals came thru the storm. We have all the dogs outside. The cats are most at risk in the aftermath with the power out. It is estimated to be 4-6 weeks before power is restored. Phones may be almost that long as well."
• City Shelter in Jackson, MS reports that the animals are all okay, the building is fine and they are operational.
• CAAWS - Capital Area Animal Welfare Society of Baton Rouge, LA, has checked in and is fortunate and doing well.
• Animal Rescue Foundation in Lafayette is doing well
• Roicy Duhon Animal Control Center in Lafayette report that they are fine and having no major problems
• Community Animal Rescue & Adoption in Jackson, MS have fared well. They are fully operational and now have water and electricity. They have taken in a number of animals from people who evacuated their homes and they hope to return them to their owners soon.
• Brookhaven Animal Rescue League reports that their animals are all okay.
• North German Shepherd Rescue is OK
• Gulf Coast Doberman rescue, evacuated to north
• Animal Rights for Life is still on-site 5 miles above New Orleans with 35 animals
New Orleans pets evacuated to Texas as part of interagency agreement between Houston SPCA and New Orleans SPCA
Sunday, 28 August 2005, 6:30 pm EST
From Lou Guyton, Director
HSUS Southwest Regional Office & Spay Neuter Clinic and Animal Wellness Center
"I have just been asked to stage an animal transfer in the DFW area with approximately 145 animals from the New Orleans shelter. New Orleans arrived in Houston this morning and they are currently sorting through the animals to establish what can be brought further inland and what must go back to New Orleans or be held in Houston. It looks as if the Louisiana folks will be bringing them here on Tuesday morning. Their entire shelter was evacuated and while a few animals went to Baton Rouge, the abundance of them (300) came to Texas as the New Orleans SPCA and the Houston SPCA have interagency agreements during hurricane events."

Please visit our Hurricane Katrina forum in our Disaster and Emergency Response message board to post or to communicate with others about the plight of affected pets, animals and their people.

Capital Area Animal Welfare Society is a no-kill charity
Physical Address: CAAWS, 6357 Quinn Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LA 70817. Telephone (225) 752-5801
(Mailing Address: CAAWS, c/o CAAWS for the Paws of Katrina Fund, P.O. Box 77765, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LA 70879). Volunteers Buddies, members and donations (can pay online through Paypal)
CAAWS will also be accepting supply donations at our shelter on Quinn Drive this Saturday 9/3 from 10-4 or you may drop them off at the LSU Parker Coliseum on the LSU campus anytime. Thank you for all for taking the time to help the animals.
( Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Hurricane Katrina Emergency Animal Shelter at LSU, John M. Parker Coliseum,
Hours of Operation: 6:00 AM until 12:00 midnight daily) HURRICANE INFORMATION
Adoptions (permanent homes), and Foster parents needed.
One hundred percent of donations received at CAAWS for the Hurricane Katrina fund will go directly to assist the animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Volunteer rescuers and shelter staff needed.

Animals can be saved as the people are saved.
Animals deserve humane treatment too.