HOUR THREE Halliburton subsidiary KBR has been asked to repair Navy facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Given the company’s record in Iraq , is this more profiting from devastation? A small victory as the FCC has agreed to grant three low power FM radio licenses to provide radio service inside the Houston Astrodome. Now community organizers are getting things set up ~ but it is not without controversy. And our sports guru Dave Zirin comments tells us how corporate greed helped the New Orleans Superdome rapidly become the earth’s most damnable homeless shelter. LPFM Licenses Granted for Astrodome in Houston GUEST: Jim Ellinger, Community Radio Activist Halliburton Watch GUEST: Pratap Chatterjee, Director of CorpWatch and author of Iraq, Inc. GUEST: Charlie Cray, Director of the Center for Corporate Policy and contributing member of Halliburton Watch The Superdome: A Monument to a Rotten System GUEST: Dave Zirin, author of What's My Name Fool: Sports and Resistance in the United States, and whose weekly columns can be found at www.edgeofsports.com Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR TWO As Capitol Hill stops to bury former Chief Justice William Rehnquist today, we take a look at a recent ruling of his nominated successor, John Roberts on a Guantanamo Detainee. And talking about detainees, a new court ruling says that MCI cannot continue its monopoly contract with the New York State Dept. of Corrections to fleece inmates and their families with telephone costs. MCI Scam in Prisons GUEST: Barbara Olshansky, Deputy Legal Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Congress Back in Session: Response to Katrina GUEST: Selena Masuta, FSRN Capitol Hill Correspondent Delving into John Robert’s record: Gitmo Ruling. GUEST: David Reims, Esq., Attorney for Guantanamo detainee Ahmed Hamden Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR ONE This hour, we examine the anger in African immigrant communities in Paris . Yet another fire claims more lives. We go to Houston for a report on the efforts to absorb the New Orleans evacuees. And we hear about a South African musical and give you a special ticket offer! African Immigrants Dying in Paris Fires GUEST: Danielle , Fondation Abbé Pierre Update from Houston GUEST: Shana Sassoon, www.neworleansnetwork.org and the League of Pissed Off Voters Announcement: Drumstruck - a South African Musical GUEST: David Rothenberg Download as MP3 || Listen Now!