Food Not Bombs volunteers from around the world have come together to help the survivors of Katrina. Since FEMA and the government have shown themselves to be unable and/or unwilling to help people in need, FNB volunteers are doing what they usually do (when the government fails to provide food as usual) combating hunger in non-crisis times, now in this crisis providing healthy vegan food to the people left houseless and hungry after the global warming induced hurricane flooding..

Since the magnitude of this disaster is beyond an ordinary FNB gathering, some extra help is needed. Helping Food Not Bombs circumvents the sluggishness of inept government boreocracy by providing healthy food cooked by available volunteers directly to people in need. The only thing we need to watch out for is if FEMA starts shooting FNB volunteers because they're jealous that FNB can do it better, tastier and more effectively..

Food Not Bombs Katrina website;

Food Not Bombs Needs Help Feeding The Victims of Katrina

Updated September 7, 2005. We have new information daily
Food Not Bombs groups all across the southern United States are feeding families displaced by Katrina. Help us get food and supplies past FEMA. We need clothes, cooking equipment, food, cooks and money to provide for thousands of hungry homeless people. We have no overhead, rent or salaries so every donation goes directly to helping people. Many affected by Katrina are familiar with Food Not Bombs because we have been sharing free food in communities through the area for many years. Because we are independent we can take food and supplies to areas where no other agency can reach.

Dozens of people all over America have been calling Food Not Bombs asking what they can do to help the people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Food Not Bombs has started organizing buses, vans and truckloads of food, kitchen equipment and clothing to the people fleeing the disaster. It's a real honor that so many people are looking to Food Not Bombs to help. We will try to get food and clothing past FEMA. So far we have busloads of material support and volunteers from Oberlin, Boulder, Madison, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dayton, Hartford, Tucson, and Saint Petersburg. Volunteers from the west are meeting in Houston and people from the east are meeting in Baton Rouge and Covington, Louisiana. Our kitchen new kitchen is located at Corner of 28th and Tyler in Covington. The Baton Rouge kitchen will be set up shortly. The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (225-342-7342) is working to open England Air Force Base, a shuttered military installation in Alexandria, Louisiana. We have been invited to set up a kitchen to feed the people living there. The first Food Not Bombs kitchen is outside the Houston Convention Center. Volunteers with Houston Food Not Bombs are setting up an FM radio station in the Astrodome and they are handing out radios to 10,000 people. Please let us know if you can help.

Because this disaster may last 6 months to a year or more we intend to set up Food Not Bombs field kitchens throughout the region. Food Not Bombs is encouraging the refugees to participate in cooking, serving and collecting the food. Their participation may be one of the most therapeutic things we can provide. It is possible that as many as a million people will be homeless for the next 6 months as a result of this disaster. Even if you can't go to the disaster area we need lots of help in your community. The number of people we need to feed is growing all across America as people are taken away from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. We are trying to share food every day in your community. Please call to see how you can help in your area.

In a few weeks many of these people will be considered regular members of America's homeless population. In 1989, Food Not Bombs fed the people made homeless by the earthquake and after a few weeks the working class victims were forgotten and faced the same problems as those who were homeless before the earthquake. Because this could be such a long crisis it may be better for us to teach people how to organize their own local Food Not Bombs group so they can provide long-term support.

There are some things you can do that can help us respond effectively to this disaster.

Organize a meeting this week - calling, emailing and posting flyers about the need for people to help and the day, time and location of the meeting.

At the meeting organize groups to call for food donations, another group to call for propane stoves, tanks of gas, tables and cooking equipment. Ask another group to get more volunteers.

Choose a time date and location of where your vehicles will gather to take the trip to the disaster area.

Collect 25 and 50 pound bags of rice, beans, 25 and 50-pound bags of rice, beans, black-eyed peas, lentils and any other large amounts of dry goods, pasta or non perishable food. We can also use propane stoves, kitchen equipment, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other personal items.

Stay in touch by emailing or calling 1-800-884-1136.
The Houston Kitchen can be called at 713-802-9642

Volunteer to feed the hungry and help the victims of Katrina

Print out a flyer to copy and post in your community

Print out a letter you can caopy to help you collect donations of food and supplies.

These groups and companies have made this possible.

Locations to drop off food and supplies

Locations to drop off food and supplies

Locations to drop off food and supplies

Help feed the victims of Katrina, PLEASE DONATE HERE!

PO Box 744, Tucson, AZ 85702-0744 - U$A