On the way home from a certain large community college in NYC, I overheard two young men discussing romance. One seemed to be giving the other some combination of a slang lexicon and dating advice. Here's what the grammarian said : "Women that you're just playing around with, and you've got a lot of em, those are 'ho's'... but a woman that you care about, that you're really into, now that's your 'bitch.'" As they tried to work out the category to which a particular woman one of them was dating belonged, the linguistic expert tried to convince his friend that he was wrong to call this woman a "ho." The other seemed still to want to refer to this woman as a "ho." There was some degree of resistance, I detected, to admitting that in fact, he really liked her. "No, no, no, no," this was very disrespectful, his friend insisted: "If you really like her, she's not a ho, she's a bitch." So, if the slang expert is right, that a woman is a "ho" until the man likes her enough to make her his "bitch," isn't this a case of projection? why would the fact that a man is dating many women make all the women ho's? If a woman is dating a player (whether she knows it or not) does that make her a de-facto ho? This is the sort of thing that makes you want to tell your female students to concentrate on their school work and steer clear of the boys.