I got my portside mail this morning and saw this important article that suggests that some of the most horrific stories that came out of the Superdome about rapes and armed gangs might be simply rumors. If so, they would be the kind of rumors that would, as the Guardian story points out, confirm racist stereotypes and make the flood victims look bad and dangerous. The story also points out however, that the cluelessness of the feds. makes it hard to know what's true and what isn't. After all, they claimed not to know much of anything at every point along the way. That's it for now. If you see any news that either confirms or denies the rape and murder stories from the Superdome, post them here. I posted a rape and murder story that I read on Reuters a few days ago. It was based on quotes from one National Guard officer who said a teen-aged girl was raped and killed and that the crowd then killed the person who had done it. Did this happen?