HOUR THREE We focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One group knew the dangers of the storm and stayed despite them – the workers at the city’s hospitals. But they never imagined help would be so long in coming – we speak with a nurse who battled to keep her patients alive as the city flooded. And while Merriam Webster might define a refugee as a person who flees, Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad has another definition: one like me. She’ll join us with information on Friday’s benefit for Katrina evacuees, titled “Refugees for Refugees.” She’ll also read her stunning new poem, A Prayer Band. With our guest host for the hour, Rosa Clemente. Methodist Hospital Was "Absolute Hell" GUEST: Elizabeth Welch, Registered Nurse from Methodist Hospital in East New Orleans Refugees for Refugees GUEST: Suheir Hammad Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR TWO Civil Rights Lawyer Lynne Stewart was prosecuted by the US government for aiding and abetting terrorism . Many felt the jury was rigged - and new evidence suggests they were right. A community based coalition of solidarity groups is convening an international Tribunal on Haiti – find out more! We'll hear how youth are involved in the United Nations’ 2005 World Summit. And an update on New Orleans prisoner Francis Newton, who will likely be executed next Wednesday, despite her claims of innocence and her lawyer’s possible incompetence. Lynne Stewart Verdict Questioned GUEST: Lynne Stewart, civil rights attorney Haitian community stands up to Washington : International Tribunal on Haiti GUEST: Ben Dupuy, former itinerant Ambassador for Haiti under the first Aristide government a co-director of Haiti Progres newspaper and a presiding judge on the International Tribunal on Haiti Youth Organizing towards participation in UN summit on Ending Poverty GUEST: Dedrick Muhammed, Executive Director, Global Justice No Stay of Execution for Frances Newman GUEST: Gloria Rubac – a veteran anti-death penalty activist based in HoustonGUEST: Kofi Taharka – Chairman of the Black United Front in Houston GUEST: Hitaji Aziz – Longtime activist and radio producer at our sister station KPFT. Download as MP3 || Listen Now! HOUR ONE We look at the death of former Palestinian security chief Mussa Arafat. Who’s responsible and what does it mean for Israeli-Palestinian relations? New Yorkers support New Orleanians with a rally last weekend - WBAI's Janet Coleman brings us a report. And we’ll speak with three college students who took the old adage if you want a job done right do it yourself to heroic extremes last week, driving cross country to help evacuate hurricane Katrina victims. New Yorkers Support New Orleans - Rally Reportback with Janet Coleman Moussa Arafat Assasinated GUEST: Ilan Pappe, historian and author of a Modern History of Palestine. GUEST: Ramzy Baroud, editor of palestinechronicle.net Duke University Students Did What FEMA Didn't - Helped New Orleanians to Safety GUEST: David Hankla, Duke University student GUEST: Sonny Byrd, Duke University student GUEST: Hans Buder, Duke University student Download as MP3 || Listen Now!