This Press Release of TEIC, went on Sept. 4, 2005 to all the Spanish and Portuguese Speaking countries. This is its translation: It went also to all parliamentarians of the Latin Continent.

Mr. Editor,

Canada goes to the polls in December. Paul Martin’s ultra-reactionary government re-elected last year barely formed a minority government. The scandalous corruption of his party was constantly reported during the last election (including the corporate American-owned Press in Canada that was helping the Conservatives, which are more reactionary than the Liberals).
TEIC and other Social Democratic groups in Canada, have launched the new electoral campaign. Martin (Prime Minister) and Harper (leader of the opposition) whose parties are subsidiaries of the neo-fascist governing in Washington, were invited to resign, to allow Jack Layton, leader of the Socialist Party of Canada, to constitute a reconciliation and uniting government, supported by a solid apolitical popular front. TEIC is working tenaciously to form that front, which would be oriented to the reconstruction of the economy of Canada brutally punished by the fraud of Globalization imposed all over the World by Washington.
We must point out that TEIC has decided to use only Indymedia in this electoral campaign, because all the corporate press of Canada receives instructions from the owners in the USA to misrepresent the facts to advance the cause of American neo-fascism, which is presently well incrusted in the Canadian government and opposition alike. The Socialist Party is the third horse in this race, but starts this campaign ahead by a nose; the credibility and social ethics of its leader, Jack Layton. In fact, Layton was the only Member of a Session of Parliament that is about to be closed, who put all his energy to discipline the House of Commons to achieve the approval and regal ratification of a budget favorable to the working class of Canada, the first such budget since the times of Right Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
TEIC is totally apolitical but firmly supports Mr. Layton’s followers, because of his just and exemplary action in support of the working class of Canada. TEIC has committed to catalyze an apolitical popular front and its many members across Canada, are working to persuade Canadians to abandon the political parties (including the Socialist one), to concentrate in an apolitical manner on their electoral duty and the protection of the future of their children.
The International press must follow closely this pivotal election in Canada. It is highly probable that the fraud of globalization would be defeated. Mr. Layton will constitute a sovereign democratic government. “Canada for Canadians” is the slogan that the unemployed, the mothers without daycare centers, the homeless, well, the marginal population that remains outside the economic process supports enthusiastically a nationalistic government strong, serene and audacious in the planning of the next sovereign economy. There is only one shadow over the Nation: the ever-present American intrusion of the bullies that always create violence in peaceful demonstrations of the Workers of Canada. As Washington abrogates the right to “supervise other countries’ elections”, TEIC implores the International Press to maintain observers in this Canadian election. A very energetic electoral campaign is on sight.
The world is witness that an assassination command has been given by the White House through the hypocrite Robertson on President Chavez of Venezuela and Canada fears for the safety of Layton. We want the International Press to help protect him, by keeping an eye on Bush and his fanatics. Chavez is a moderate social democrat. Layton is a centrist social democrat, to the right of Rt. Hon. Trudeau. However, both leaders are not fascist. The robots of the CIA are already programmed. Robertson has the triggering password.
As TEIC indicated earlier, the resignation of both neo-fascist leaders representing Washington in Parliament, with invitation to their followers to join an apolitical popular front would assist Canada to rally behind Mr. Layton to form a sovereign and democratic government – the first since Trudeau. When this Constitutional process takes place, the odds between the working class of Canada and the CIA assassins would even out.
Anyhow, TEIC has no political ambition and none of us can be bribed or corrupted. We have a global technical mission and are in the process of implementation. Until election time there will be a daily article of TEIC in Indymedia, on Human Economics, on how this new global management of real economics would help the working class of Canada, and we would be repeating the need for Harper and Martin to resign (if they have not done it yet) and dissolve their neo-fascist, Washingtonian parties.

I trust that this open letter to the political leaders of Canada will persuade people such as Robertson and fanatics of his caliber to accept that “Canada is for Canadians”, and the US Congress will command this sick Evangelist and all others, to stop menacing distinguished leaders like Chavez, Castro and now Layton. Canada is behind an emerging Canadian Leader proven honest, ethical and caring. A united Country will protect him until he sits in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Jorge Torrealba, Director General, Techno Economics Int’l Consultants, Halifax, NS, Canada.
Sept. 04, 05.
cc: the 4 leaders of Parliament + MP McDonough, riding of Halifax.

Note 1: Fellow Canadians, don’t forget to email your request for a Manuscript of our Treatise on Human Economics “COUNTER ATTACK”. It is free of charge. We reply with the Manuscript attached. First come, first served. The queuing is beginning to be noticeable. We will invite voluntaries to assist with our email. In the meantime, please be patient. (THIS OFFER APPLIES TO AMERICAN CITIZENS ALSO BELONGING TO THE WORKING CLASS OF AMERICA)

Halifax, NS, Canada, September 8, 2005.

Note 2: This message is being sent to all the Indymedia branches in the United States of America. Next week, it will be sent to Indymedia offices in Europe and Asia, the following week we will cover Oceania and Africa. Latin America is already informed (governments there are branches of the Empire of Washington, and we believe that little reaction will result except, maybe in Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.

Note 3: We beg all readers of Indymedia to inform their friends about TEIC and the availability of Counter Attack. We cannot use the traditional Corporate Media because, apparently, we are blacklisted in the whole of North America. Word-of-mouth will have to replace the massive corporate press that is, seemingly, blacklisting us. No letter to the Editor ever passes all over the North American Continent. I hope the Working Class will promote massive readership of Indymedia, because it is faithful to the truth, democratic, always welcoming the articles of modest contributors like us, for instance.