From Anarchist animal liberation:

"We arrived for the start of trading when we were told by the exchange the listing had been postponed. We've not been given any explanation at all. Obviously we're extremely disappointed. We have fought our corner in what has been a vicious campaign."

-Brian Cass
HLS Chief Executive

Unbelievably the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) had agreed to allow Huntingdon Life Sciences (LSR) to start trading their shares on the NYSE. However, in a last minute decision on the morning of September 8th, it was postponed. (click here to read the media) Brian Cass had flown into New York City and was standing on the trading room floor to watch the start of trading, and instead he saw his dreams smashed before his eyes and his stock plummet by $3. As surely tears trickled down his face he boarded a plane and flew back to the UK. However the NYSE has made it clear - it is postponed! Now is the time to act and make sure HLS doesn't ever get back onto the NYSE!

The NYSE prides itself on how everyone who trades on there has to have 100% bona fide and transparent financials yet they have accepted Huntingdon who have failed to lodge accounts at Companies House for over 2 years now and Companies House will eventually have to delist them as a company. Huntingdon (LSR) also have a criminal record for failing to publish accounts at Companies House in the past.

Also Huntingdon refuse to divulge who their auditors are after Deloitte and Touche dumped them over 2 years ago. How does this fit with a transparent stock exchange? Well the plain fact of the matter is that it doesn't.

As if the animal cruelty wasn't bad enough Huntingdon have shown themselves to be financially corrupt, underhanded and very shady. Please email and phone the people listed at the NYSE and ask them how they can allow a company to list with them who have such an appalling financial record. Please always refer to Huntingdon Life Sciences as LSR or Life Science Research as that is what Huntingdon are listed as.

Thank you. We need to make the good people of the NYSE aware of exactly who LSR are. Please keep all communications polite and remember that HLS should not be allowed onto the NYSE because of their financial irregularities and criminal record.

Please note that all the emails on this page are at the bottom if you wish to copy them into your browser 20 or so at a time rather than emailing one by one.

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